One Week BUTAOTOME 124: first post of 2020!

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“Yeee, this game has Butterfree!!”

I’m currently busy with two things: the first one is in the TC Crew picture. The second one is adding all iTunes/Google Play/BOOTH links on THBWiki of the new albums added by Touhou Doujin Music Distribution (and see how circles internationalize their titles, as well check if they added/removed any track). There was a new update during Christmas, but I didn’t report it here because they didn’t add any new BUTAOTOME release (not even BUTABEST 4).

However, I managed to do some stuff for this website! First of all, all the album pages have been finally updated to the new format. Then, I’ve finally translated another (small) part of the Fanbook symposium, where they talked about non-Touhou works (also, lots of foreshadows). I’ve also created a new gallery page. And a stats page detailing how many times BUTAOTOME arranged Touhou themes, so now you know why Hartmann’s Youkai Girl is fucking cursed!

Now, let’s move on actual BUTAOTOME stuff! The new albums are out on every doujin shop! I ordered my copies of Magic Lantern and Touhou Nekokenban 19 (no Guerrilla 2 and the Ane Manga), and lyrics and review will arrive once they’ll arrive at my home! Paprika posted her Nekokenban commentary in the fanclub blog, but a translation of it will arrive tomorrow.
To kick off the new year Comp uploaded the Yurara Kamishibai PV on Youtube. And it’s the year of the mouse, so here is a celebratory Nazrin fanart by Ane!

Aaaand that’s all for today!