Touhou Nekokenban 19 – commentary by Paprika (fanclub blog post, 31/12/2019)

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Sorry for the late! Here is a translation of Paprika’s commentary about Nekokenban 19!

The original post had a bunch of pictures, but I removed them due to my usual policy about fanclub posts, as well as the related description. However, this post is perfectly readable without them!

By the way, while I was finishing the translation, Paprika tweeted a video with the first track! I wonder if she will post all the other tracks during the year…

This time the concept is the tone of the calendar.
Aren’t these somewhat lovely sounds?

January – Geishun (new year’s greetings) Preview
It might be cliched, but it’s the New Year! New Year’s greetings!
And so it’s the koto.
Because in January you hear the sound of koto everywhere.
The shakuhachi is difficult to handle.
It’s irritating if it’s too much vibrato-esque.

February – Yoake no Kongouseki (diamond of the dawn)
The image of a silver-white world.
If anything, I intended to express it with sounds
other than the piano.
I think there is a peculiar silence when it’s snowing.
I want you to feel the cold sounds of the incoming part.
Where it gets brighter in the middle,
I imagined the sparkling snow falling.

March – Sakura Frontline
Cherry blossoms!
The winter is over and the cherry blossoms are gradually blooming.
I want you to imagine that.
The cherry blossoms also have a Japanese tone.

April – Kaze Hikaru Minato (springlike harbor)
I imagined the calmness of spring.
This time I used the flute a lot.
Every time I use the sound of an acoustic guitar
I wish I could really play it.
I like it.

May – Japanese Rice Field
This is the first time there is a tune with a little bit of orchestra
like this.
When I use the piccolo, it feels kinda fairy-ish
A song of the fairies in the paddy fields.

June – Amegari ni wa Dance wo (dance in the after-rain)
This is my favorite~.
Doesn’t the flute sound stylish?
I think the guitar, the bass, and the piano
are successfully matching it well.
I hate the rain, but I don’t hate that feeling of a rainy day.

July – Ougontou no naru koro ni (when the peaches become golden)
A song I’ve been struggling a bit with since July’s image is hard to grasp.
A refreshing early summer, I wonder if I transmitted it…?
I think the intro came out cool.

August – Koi no Summer Dress (summer dress of love)
It’s a bright summer anyway!
I won’t say who they are, but I referenced the people
that are associated with summer.
I hate summer for its heat, but I really like this song.
However, I feel like its original theme matches summer.

September – Kanashiki Rinkou no Nightbug (nightbug’s miserable phosphorescence)
It’s nice to have a gipsy-ish song like this.
The violin adds atmosphere.
I wanted this to feel like a sort of jam session between guitar, accordion, piano, and violin.
I once had my hands on a violin.
And I got frustrated in a few seconds.

October – Gokokuhoujou Romantica (huge harvest romantica)
I struggled with this song to get the seasonal atmosphere~.
I was troubled, but I think I managed to make a lovely four-to-the-floor piece with a little bit of Japanese style.
Can you smell the autumn…

November – Falling Fall
Isn’t this season somehow lonely?
I’m convinced that the sorrow didn’t turn out
slightly beautiful.

December – Mahoutsukai wa Bell wo Narasu (a magician rings the bells) Preview
Christmas! It’s Christmas no matter where you listen to it!
I wanted it to feel like that.
Isn’t that quite easy?
Santa will come.
Indeed, it truly feels like the clapping sounds are resounding.

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