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BUTAOTOME’s C97 review

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I’m very late, but here we are, with the usual review corner! This time we’ll talk about three albums and a book, even though the picture shows only two albums. Let’s go! Magic Lantern BUTAOTOME ends their 2019 with an album that probably surprised a lot of people in a couple of ways. I think we were all expecting at… Read more »

Touhou Nekokenban 19 – commentary by Paprika (fanclub blog post, 31/12/2019)

Original post (accessible only from mobile and if you have a BUTAOTOME fanclub subscription) Sorry for the late! Here is a translation of Paprika’s commentary about Nekokenban 19! The original post had a bunch of pictures, but I removed them due to my usual policy about fanclub posts, as well as the related description. However, this post is perfectly readable… Read more »

BUTAOTOME’s Comiket 97 releases + final 10th anniversary thing

There is no official announcement yet, however, the releases are already up for preorder on Toranoana! No crossfades at the moment. EDIT December 20: the preorder pages with the four releases have been removed from Toranoana. It looks like they weren’t supposed to be up before an official announcement. But they took too much time to remove them (like one… Read more »