One Week BUTAOTOME 131: an update about Coronavirus

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“Getting up to date with this virus…” (Chibi Ranko is sad because my birthday holiday has been canceled due to this)

If you don’t live under a rock, you are aware of the Coronavirus outbreak throughout the world. Japan is currently in the fourth place of the list of countries with the major number of known infected, and this has been starting to affect the doujin world. This month’s Touhou Live Box has been canceled, and I’ve heard rumors from my friend that people are contemplating canceling Comiket or not go there (I don’t know about Reitaisai, which is much closer in time).
Anyway, take care of yourself and be cautious, but also don’t go in full paranoia!

This has been a very slow month in the world of BUTAOTOME… but this week we got a couple of streamings! Today there was the monthly Touhou no Uta with Comp and MiniComp. This time’s guests were Sekkenya members! You can (re)watch it here. And tomorrow Ranko no Ane will appear somehow at the Touhou Station streaming, mostly dedicated to Hifuu Club stuff! Here is the Youtube link.

Aaaaand that’s all.