One Week BUTAOTOME 132: another update about Coronavirus (also, other stuff)

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Chibi Ranko doesn’t feel well, so Chibi Muse takes care of her with her alchemy powers.

Following last week’s update, the Coronavirus is still a big problem all around the world. The official Reitaisai website reported that they will still hold the event. However, at least a couple of circles (MUON KAGURA, Ridil) already decided that they won’t attend it. We will keep you updated about this, most importantly on what BUTAOTOME will consider doing!

Touhou Cannonball news
A new event is going on Touhou Cannonball! It’s a “raid battle” event, where you defeat Mokou and get cool rewards every time. If you defeat her at least once in Lunatic difficulty, you unlock a new IOSYS song with Ranko on vocals! The title is “Gekijou” (激情), and it’s an arrangement by void (one of the many IOSYS arrangers) of both Mokou’s theme and stage. The event will last until March 10, so prepare your best Lunar-type team! After unlocking the song, you can buy it from the shop for 10,000 fantasy coins.

Kaze ni Noseta Negai on WACCA
Marvelous’ arcade rhythm game is getting a new update with Mountain of Faith arrangements! Among some known songs like Silver Forest’s Kero Destiny and Akatsuki Records’ LOVE EAST, we also have one of the less known BUTAOTOME tracks: Kaze ni Noseta Negai. This is not the first time this Sanae song is getting the rhythm game treatment (it’s playable on Chunithm as well), but it’s still amazing to see Tasogare Elegy tracks that aren’t Kakoinaki yo wa Ichigo no Tsukikage getting some recognition in 2020! The songs will be available tomorrow, but VIP members were able to play them from today!

The official upload of Kyouen’s video reached 200000 views on Youtube! BUTAOTOME’s official channel is not really growing strong and Youtube is filled with unofficial reuploads of the PVs, so Comp is happy for this small achievement! Also, the channel is no longer set as for kids, wooo!

March 1st was Pig Day in America. I didn’t even know Pig Day was a thing, honestly. Anyway, that’s all for today!