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One Week BUTAOTOME 132: another update about Coronavirus (also, other stuff)

Following last week’s update, the Coronavirus is still a big problem all around the world. The official Reitaisai website reported that they will still hold the event. However, at least a couple of circles (MUON KAGURA, Ridil) already decided that they won’t attend it. We will keep you updated about this, most importantly on what BUTAOTOME will consider doing! Touhou… Read more »

One week BUTAOTOME 112: Youtube, WACCA, DAM…

Most of this week’s news were already written in this update, so please read it if you haven’t do so! Here I will just report more stuff! Other news for this weekComp uploaded a couple of videos in the official Youtube channel: Saru and Sharekoube, directly from the Jump Otome DVD! He said that more things will be uploaded there,… Read more »