Ranko’s “for every like I will tweet about a song I usually listen to” (May 2019)

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This post was updated on December 9, 2023. The translation has been improved (?) and more official links have been added.

On a sleepless night, Ranko decided to do one of those “for every like I will tweet about something” hashtags. She tweeted 44 songs. Since most of them are Japanese non-doujin music, I thought it was interesting to translate!
You can find the original thread here.

1. Haru no Yuki – BUTAOTOME
I know I’m starting off with my own song, but seriously, I’ve been listening to Haru no Yuki for a long time now.

2. Hakujitsu – King Gnu
I have been listening to a lot of King Gnu recently, but Hakujitsu is probably my favorite song~~~ It’s so good. I may post another song later.

3. Tettoutetsubi Yonayona Drive – UNISON SQUARE GARDEN
My favorite song from a band I really love. It freaking pumps me up.

4. Polaris – HITORIE
HOWLS is an album I really love.

5. I beg you – Aimer
I like many of Aimer’s songs, but this one was impactful to me since it made me discover Fate.

The unit I support. Please treat them well.

7. Byoushin wo Kamu – ZUTOMAYO
From now on, the songs will come from my favorites folder on Spotify. I really like this one and I want to practice and sing it, but I can’t sing it well at all.

8. Kidzukeyo Baby – THE ORAL CIGARETTES
There are a lot of songs I like from TOC, but I choose this one because it’s my most listened one since the times of FIXION. As well asd A-E-U-I, I think.

9. Aufheben – Mrs. GREEN APPLE
I don’t listen to Mrs. Green Apple much like “Summer! Yay!” but I like this one and A Priori among others. He sings so well, I’m dying.

10. Hajime no Ippo – Luck Life
I like PON’s voice and he is also a crazy good singer… I knew Luck Life from Bungo Stray Dogs’ endings, but I have been listening to this one from the recent rebroadcast of Cheer Danshi.

11. Tokyo Romantica – Metronome
I’ve always liked Metronome, but here’s one of my favorites from the revival. It’s getting cooler these days.

12. Kaen – Queen Bee
I feel like I’ve listened to several albums by Queen Bee~, but personally, I really like this one. It was an opening for Dororo. I also like HALF‘s video.

13. Tsuki to Hanataba – Sayuri
I like Sayuri… Her voice is amazing…
I like Sore wa Chiisana Hikari no you na, too

14. Buriki no Dance – Hinata Electric Works
I like Bakemono Dance Floor too.
As a side note, this was the avatar I used in my early days of Groove Coaster.

15. Taiyoukei Disco – Nayutalien
I also love Alien Alien, but I was playing this during the Groove Coaster event until the other day, so here it is.

16. Yoyoi no Yoi – SymaG
I like SymaG. I also like this song because it’s fun.

17. Zettai Zetsumei – Cö shu Nie
The Promised Neverland’s ending. I like asphyxia too. Coshunie’s MVs are nice too, and I can’t help but listen to them.

A fun one that was a Gintama opening. I have several songs I like, but I like BluEn’s general concept. As Kumamoto newborns, I support them.

19. Yuunagi – 04 Limited Sazabys
I’m not very familiar with this band, but I’ve been repeating this song to death. The voice is distinctive and easy to remember~ I also like Kitchen because it’s cute.

20. Nagai Yoru ga Akete – Maison book girl
I also like faithlessness, Okaeri Sayonara, and Semai Monogatari, but this one is the newest.
They are good live, so please go to see them.
Youtube | Spotify

21. Spicy Madonna – BRADIO
A fun band with great singing and performance. They are cool. And funk~. I want to see them live.

22. Shichiten Battou no Blues – THE PINBALLS
I discovered this song due to being the opening of Junji Ito Collection but when I heard it, I really liked it, and I’ve been listening to it a lot lately. Both the voice and the way of singing are cool, and I love the jangly sound of the guitar.

Fuyuko Shioiri’s voice is amazing. This song is very calm, but I also like the rock sound of Crater among others.

24. Itte. – Yorushika
I like the PV, I like the voice. I like this song a lot because it is bright but sad.

25. NON TiE-UP – BiSH
I like Aina’s singing voice and looks. I often listened to this song when I wanted to increase my murderous intents.

26. Melacholy – Cidergirl
I like Cidergirl! They are lovely, fresh, and easy to listen to. I like Namakemono too. This MV is really cute.

27. Tetsugakudou Shinjuu – Floppy
A techno unit by Sharaku, Metronome’s vocalist. I couldn’t find it in any streaming service… I also like meta Irotoiki, Meteor Strike and Hi no Tori. The sound is videogame-esque and the melody is a ballad, so it’s a song that is easy to remember and sing. I want you to listen to it because it’s very good.

28. Seishun – Shinjuku Gewalt
The techno unit of Hiromu Toda, who is doing Floppy with Sharaku…… isn’t it?
I love this song so much that it still affects my works. I also want you to hear this one somewhere because I really like it…

29. Suimin – MUCC
I liked MUCC for a long time, but I still often listen to Suimin. It’s for when I want to increase my murderous intent. When I want to cheer myself up, I listen to Mae e.

30. Fukurou – MERRY
MERRY is certainly my roots. They became my blood and they are ingrained in my bones. They are a cool band that has always been doing something new.

31. Hyouhyouto – THE BACK HORN
My favorite song. I also like Shanghai Kyousoukyoku, Maihime and Yume no Hana among others. I like Ningen Program and Ikiru Sainou, but I like the latest album too. I was able to see them live two times last year, but I wanna see them again. I just love them.

32. Tetsukazu no Sekai – Tsubakiya Quartette
I remember I’ve seen them live at the now defuncted AX. They have disbanded, but I still listen to them. I like Odoriko, Netsubyou, Mis Understand, etc.
I wanted to sing this one at Hotaru Murasaki’s birthday.

33. Supernova – 9mm Parabellum Bullet
Back then, I was really into looking and listening to a lot of things at Tower Records, but when I heard this song I was amazed. I like Pychopolis.

34. Jusui Negai – Tokyo Jihen
I like them even after all this time. My favorite song is the Dynamite version of Toumei Ningen, but since it’s not available, here is the second one. I also like Kingyo no Hako, Sora ga natte iru, and Rakujitsu. I like all their albums~ but perhaps Variety is my favorite.

35. Kemono yuku Hosomichi – Ringo Sheena & Hiroji Miyamoto
I like her even after all this time. I’m not exaggerating when I say that my life changed when I first listened to Shouso Strip. She will forever be an amazing person. Actually, I never went to a Sheena Ringo live, so I want to go.
The video is my latest favorite.

36. Same – Tsukiko Amano
I like Tsukko too. I like Bodaiju, Hakoniwa, Ginneko, Hitsuji, Lion, and others.

37. Yonayonayona – Yoeko Kurahashi
Son to Uso, Izonsei ~ Let’s Go! High heels!, Tomodachi no Uta… I like those because they are terrific to the upper levels, but this one has the lyrics I can “understand” the best, and the unofficial PV is the best, so I want you to watch it. Mannequin Ningen is also too terrific.

38. #0022 – THE SLUT BANKS
THE SLUT BANKS released a new album in April! I have to listen to it!
But EVIL THE END is so good that I still listen to it over and over, and Do Or Die is also the best – I can’t get it out of my head. Namida no Saishuu Hikou, Asa ga Kuru made, Maboroshi no Kodomo, Parari, Fire up… the songs I like are endless and I cry while listening to them.

39. Haru to Namari – FoZZtone
What a good singer~~~ I wanted to sing like this. They are also cool live. I like this one, NIRVANA UNIVERSE, and Kokuten.

40. Kuuchuu Buranko Nori no Marie – Charan Po Rantan
Charan Po Rantan released a new album in March, I have to listen to it. I was amazed when I saw them for the first time. This duo’s entertainment power is amazing. She is the type of vocalist I admire because I can’t absolutely become like her. I want to be Momo’s pig.

41. Phantom of Love – KiLLER KiNG
From B-PROJECT, a virtual male idol project by Chiyomaru Shikura and Takanori Nishikawa. I’m a supporter of KiLLER KiNG and I like Akane Fudou. This song is really the best~~~ I like Hungry Wolf too.

42. Mahou no Kizuna – Growth
A song from a unit in a fictional entertainment office. I like all of them, but I chose this one because it’s an anime opening. It’s unusual to have a male voice that overlaps with four voices in a folkloristic song, and I like it. Some songs use a lot of futuristic sounds, arrangements, and rhythms. Anyway, the song is good.

43. Shibuya Marble Texture -PCCS- – Fling Posse
This is a song of the Shibuya division of Hypnosis Mic. It’s the division I support. I like this song the most~. It makes me feel the refreshing spring weather, but it’s hard for me to feel that Shibuya is inevitably ephemeral. But I like that.

44. Sign – Tamaonsen
This is another song with my vocals, but I like it and I always listen to it, so here it is. I sang with Rapbit on Coro’s arrangement, but it’s a really good song, so please listen to it. It’s on Apple Music and Google Play through Touhou Doujin Music Distribution.