Ranko’s “for every like I will tweet about a song I usually listen to” (May 2019)

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On a sleepless night, Ranko decided to do one of those “for every like I will tweet about something” hashtags. She tweeted 44 songs. Since most of them are Japanese non-doujin music, I thought it was interesting to translate!
You can find the original thread here.

1. Haru no Yuki – BUTAOTOME
To start off, I bring this one with myself, but recently I have been listening to Haru no Yuki all the time

2. Hakujitsu – King Gnu
I have been listening to a lot of King Gnu recently, but Hakujitsu is probably my favorite song~~~ They are surprisingly good, I may post another song later

3. Tettoutetsubi Yonayona Drive – UNISON SQUARE GARDEN
My favorite song from a band I really love. It freaking pumps up

4. Polaris – HITORIE
HOWLS is an album I really love.

5. I beg you – Aimer
There are a lot of songs by Aimer I like too, but this one was impactful to me since it made me discover Fate.

The unit I support. Please treat them well.

7. Byoushin wo Kamu – ZUTOMAYO
From now on, the songs will come from my favorites folder on Spotify. I really like this one and I want to practice and sing it, but I can’t sing it well at all.

8. Kidzukeyo Baby – THE ORAL CIGARETTES
There are a lot of songs I like from TOC, but I choose this one because it’s my most listened one since the times of FIXION. This one and A-E-U-I

9. Aufheben – Mrs. GREEN APPLE
I don’t listen to Mrs. Green Apple much like “Summer! Yay!” but I like this one and A Priori among others. The singing is so good to die

10. Hajime no Ippo – Luck Life
I like PON’s voice and also I like this song because he is good at singing… I knew Luck Life from Bungo Stray Dogs’ endings, but I have been listening to this one from the recent rebroadcast of Cheer Danshi.

11. Tokyo Romantica – Metronome
I liked Metronome for a long time, but this is my favorite one since its revival. It is getting cool recently.

12. Kaen – Queen Bee
I feel like I’ve listened to several albums by Queen Bee~, but personally, I really like this one. It was an opening for Dororo. I also like HALF‘s video.

13. Tsuki to Hanataba – Sayuri
I like Sayuri… Her voice is amazing…
I like Sore wa Chiisana Hikari no you na, too

14. Buriki no Dance – Hinata Electric Works
I like Bakemono Dance Floor too.
Besides, this was the avatar I used in my early days of Groove Coaster.

15. Taiyoukei Disco – Nayutalien
I also love Alien Alien, but I was playing this during the Groove Coaster event until the other day, so here it is.

16. Yoyoi no Yoi – SymaG
I like SymaG. I like this song too because it’s fun.

17. Zettai Zetsumei – Cö shu Nie
The Promised Neverland’s ending. I like asphyxia too. Coshunie’s MVs are nice too, and I somehow hear them.

A fun one that was a Gintama opening. I have several songs I like, but I like BluEn’s general concept. As Kumamoto newborns, I support them.
Youtube (not available outside Japan)

19. Yuunagi – 04 Limited Sazabys
I’m not very familiar with this band, but I’ve been repeating this song to death. The voice is peculiar and easy to remember~ I also like Kitchen because it’s cute.

20. Nagai Yoru ga Akete – Maison book girl
I also like faithlessness, Okaeri Sayonara, and Semai Monogatari, but this one is the newest.
They are good live, so please go to see them.
Youtube | Spotify

21. Spicy Madonna – BRADIO
A fun band with great singing and performance. Cool. Funk~. I want to see them live.

22. Shichiten Battou no Blues – THE PINBALLS
I knew this one as an opening for the Junji Ito Collection, but when I heard it I really loved it, and I’m listening to it often lately. Both the voice and the way of singing are cool, and I love the squeaking sound of the guitar.

Fuyuko Shioiri’s voice is amazing. This song is very calm, but I also like the rock sound of Crater and others.

24. Itte. – Yorushika
I like the PV, I like the voice. I like this song a lot because it is bright but sad.

25. NON TiE-UP – BiSH
I like Aina’s singing voice and looks. I often listened to this song when I wanted to increase my murderous intents.

26. Melacholy – Cidergirl
I like Cidergirl! They are lovely, fresh and easy to listen to. I like Namakemono too. This MV is really cute.

27. Tetsugakudou Shinjuu – Floppy
A techno unit by Sharaku, Metronome’s vocalist. I couldn’t find any subscription to link to it… Then I like meta Irotoiki, Meteor Strike and Hi no Tori. The sound is videogame-esque and the melody is a ballad, so it’s a song that is easy to remember and sing. I want you to listen to it because it’s very good.

28. Seishun – Shinjuku Gewalt
The techno unit of Hiromu Toda, who is doing Floppy with Sharaku…… isn’t it?
I love this song so much that it still affects my works. I also want you to hear this one somewhere because I really like it…

29. Suimin – MUCC
I liked MUCC for a long time, but I still often listen to Suimin. It’s for when I want to increase my murderous intent. When I want to cheer myself up, I listen to Mae e.

30. Fukurou – MERRY
MERRY is certainly my roots. They became my blood and they are ingrained in my bones. They are a cool band that has always been doing something new.

31. Hyouhyouto – THE BACK HORN
My favorite song. Then I like Shanghai Kyousoukyoku, Maihime and Yume no Hana among others. I like Ningen Program and Ikiru Sainou, but I like the latest album too. I was able to see them live two times last year, but I wanna see them again. I just love them.

32. Tetsukazu no Sekai – Tsubakiya Quartette
I remember I’ve seen them live at the now defuncted AX. They have disbanded, but I still listen to them. I like Odoriko, Netsubyou, Mis Understand, etc.
I wanted to sing this one at Hotaru Murasaki’s birthday.

33. Supernova – 9mm Parabellum Bullet
Back then, I had an interest in looking and listening to a lot of things at Tower Records, but when I heard this song I was amazed. I like Pychopolis.

34. Jusui Negai – Tokyo Jihen
It’s late, but I like them. My favorite song is the Dynamite version of Toumei Ningen, but since it’s not there here is the second one. Then I like Kingyo no Hako, Sora ga natte iru, and Rakujitsu. I like the whole album~, but I wonder if I like the variety the most.

35. Kemono yuku Hosomichi – Ringo Sheena & Hiroji Miyamoto
It’s late, but I like her. I’m not exaggerating when I say that my life changed when I came across Shouso Strip. She is an eternally amazing person. Actually, I want to go to a Sheena Ringo live because I never went to.
The video is my latest favorite.

36. Same – Tsukiko Amano
I like Tsukko too. I like Bodaiju, Hakoniwa, Ginneko, Hitsuji, Lion, and others.

37. Yonayonayona – Yoeko Kurahashi
Son to Uso, Izonsei ~ Let’s Go! High heels!, Tomodachi no Uta, I like those because they are terrific to the upper levels, but this one has the lyrics I can “understand” the best, and the unofficial PV is the best, so I want you to watch it. Then, Mannequin Ningen is too terrific.

38. #0022 – THE SLUT BANKS
THE SLUT BANKS released a new album in April! I have to listen to it!
But EVIL THE END is so good that I still listen to it over and over, if anything, Do Or Die is also the best because it can’t get it out of my head. Namida no Saishuu Hikou, Asa ga Kuru made, Maboroshi no Kodomo, Parari, Fire up, etc. the songs I like are endless and I cry while listening to them

39. Haru to Namari – FoZZtone
The vocals are skillfull~~~ I wanted to sing like this. They are also cool live. I like this one, NIRVANA UNIVERSE, and Kokuten.

40. Kuuchuu Buranko Nori no Marie – Charan Po Rantan
Charan Po Rantan released a new album in March I have to listen. I was amazed when I saw them for the first time. The entertainment power of two people is amazing. She is the type of vocalist I admire because you can’t absolutely become like her. I want to be Momo’s pig.

41. Phantom of Love – KiLLER KiNG
From B-PROJECT, a virtual male idol project by Chiyomaru Shikura and Takanori Nishikawa. I’m a supporter of KiLLER KiNG and I like Akane Fudou. This song is really the best~~~ I like Hungry Wolf too.

42. Mahou no Kizuna – Growth
A song from a unit in a fictional entertainment office. I like all of them, but I chose this one because it’s an anime opening. It’s unusual to have a male voice that overlaps with four voices in a folkloristic song, and I like it. If you think about it, there are songs that use a lot of futuristic sounds, arrangements, and rhythms. Anyway, the song is good.

43. Shibuya Marble Texture -PCCS- – Fling Posse
This is a song of the Shibuya division of Hypnosis Mic. It’s my recommended division. I like this song the most~. It makes me feel the refreshing spring weather, but no matter what, I have an ephemeral feeling that Shibuya is hard. But I like there.

44. Sign – Tamaonsen
This one too is a song I sing, but I like it and I always listen to it, so here it is. I sang with Rapbit on Coro’s arrangement, but it’s a really good song, so please listen to it. It’s on Apple Music and Google Play through Touhou Doujin Music Distribution.