One Week BUTAOTOME 139: the Air Comiket releases are done!

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The Air Comiket releases are done! This time we’ll get only two albums! The announcement will arrive later this week, but Ranko no Ane posted the cover for the Touhou vocal album already. It’s Shoujo Rengoku 5!

Meanwhile, the pandemic doesn’t stop Melonbooks to release a new Touhou compilation full of new songs and related arts! Touhou Tamatebako (東方玉手箱) will be released on May 2 (the originally planned first day of Comiket 98), and the ninth track of the first disc is a new BUTAOTOME arrangement of Tewi’s theme from Phantasmagoria of Flower View: Muon no Bi (無音の美)! The Tewi illustration associated with it is drawn by Makoto Hirasaka, best known among Touhou fans as the artist of most of the Touhou Sangetsusei works.

Speaking of things that are somehow related to the content of this website… Touhou Lost Word is still supposed to be released this month. The game page is up on the Japanese Apple Store and Google Play. For those who are outside of Japan, you can use QooApp! Hopefully, it won’t be delayed once again, but in times like these…

Aaaaand that’s all for today!