Paprika leaves BUTAOTOME + Shoujo Rengoku 5 and Touhou Nekokenban 20

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First of all, a very important and sudden announcement: Paprika leaves BUTAOTOME [Translation]. The reason is that, after 10 years of activity non-stop with the group, she wants to move on, continue as a solo pianist, and go abroad. Because of this, Nekokenban 20 will be the last chapter in the series. It’s unknown what BUTAOTOME will do from now on, except that they will continue as usual.

Comp: We just announced that Paprika will leave BUTAOTOME.
I’m sad that I won’t be able to work with Paprika, who is also a long-time friend, in the future, but I would like to comfortably abandon the feeling of “I want to take on a challenge”.
BUTAOTOME will continue energetically from now on, so I would be happy if you could support us in the future.

Ane: And so, Touhou Nekokenban will reach its final round.
In times like these, it’s a pity that it’s hard to set up a place to greet everyone at face-to-face meetings or at live shows, and it’s simply lonely for me to be alone.
But well, since it’s a new departure for my friend, I want to see you off as clean as possible

Ranko: As we announced earlier, Paprika, BUTAOTOME’s pianist, will leave. It’s lonely because I’ve been with the members for many years, but I want to support them. And BUTAOTOME will continue to do fun things, so thank you in advance.

Paprika: Please forgive me for this sudden report. This time I decided to leave BUTAOTOME. I cannot thank you enough for your support. thank you very much. I don’t know when I will be able to do live performances at the moment, but I hope I can meet you in some way at the end.

In not sad news, BUTAOTOME will release two new albums on May 5! They are/will be up to preorder on BOOTH and all the coolest doujin shops.
The official website is here.

The vocal album is Shoujo Rengoku 5 (少女煉獄 第五巻). This time is heavily focused on Wily Beast and Weakest Creatures, with all the boss themes from the post-demo. There are also three rearrangements of old songs, and a new take on Unknown Flower Mesmerizing Journey!

  1. 偶像ユートピア | Guuzou Utopia [Guuzou ni Sekai wo Yudanete ~ Idolatrize World]
  2. 奇麗な虹 | Kirei na Niji [Ceramics no Joutounin]
  3. 明日も晴れますように 少女煉獄ver | Ashita mo Haremasu you ni Shoujo Rengoku ver [Akutagawa Ryuunosuke no Kappa ~ Candid Friend]
  4. 六分の一 | Rokubun no Ichi [Tortoise Dragon ~ Kouun to Fuun]
  5. 水は流れ河となってゆく 少女煉獄ver | Mizu wa Nagare Kawa to natte yuku Shoujo Rengoku ver [Chiisana Chiisana Kenshou]
  6. 私家版百鬼夜行絵巻 少女煉獄ver | Shikaban Hyakkiyakou Emaki Shoujo Rengoku ver [Sado no Futatsuiwa | Fumoto no Jinja]
  7. アイ | Ai [Shoutoku Taishi no Pegasus ~ Dark Pegasus]
  8. 生花-seika- [Michi no Hana Michi no Tabi]

By buying this album on BOOTH, you will get a freebie set of stickers with its arts.

Next, we have the usual instrumental, Touhou Nekokenban 20 (東方猫鍵盤20). This time’s concept is… time! is this Touhou Gekibanshuu vol.2 As mentioned earlier, this is the final album of the series.

  1. 【0時】まよなかの国のアリス | [00:00] Mayonaka no Kuni no Alice [Fushigi no Kuni no Alice]
  2. 【2時】彼女は勤勉なる夜の女王 | [02:00] Kanojo wa Kinben naru Yoru no Joou [Maid to Chi no Kaichuudokei]
  3. 【4時】誰も知らない、妖精たちの集い | [04:00] Dare mo Shiranai, Youseitachi no Tsudoi [Mayonaka no Fairy Dance]
  4. 【6時】微睡みのロンド | [06:00] Madoromi no Rondo [Eien no Shunmu]
  5. 【8時】眠たげブレックファースト | [08:00] Nemutage Breakfast [Last Occultism ~ Utsushiyo no Hijutsushi]
  6. 【10時】紅茶と焼き菓子のポルカ | [10:00] Koucha to Yakikashi no Polka [Tsukidokei ~ Luna Dial]
  7. 【12時】ドールハウスで昼食を | [12:00] Dollhouse de Chuushoku wo [Ningyou Saiban ~ Hito no Katachi Moteasobishi Shoujo]
  8. 【15時】うさぎたちの狂ったお茶会 | [15:00] Usagitachi no Kurutta Ochakai [Kyouki no Hitomi ~ Invisible Full Moon]
  9. 【16時】夕暮れフェアリーの家路 | [16:00] Yuugure Fairy no Ieji [Sunny Rutile Flection]
  10. 【18時】空が優しく幕を下ろす | [18:00] Sora ga Yasashiku Maku wo Orosu [Yoru ga Oritekuru ~ Evening Star]
  11. 【21時】パジャマパーティ狂騒曲 | [21:00] Pajama Party Kyousoukyoku [Yoru dakara Nemurenai]
  12. 【23時55分】今宵、ラストダンスを | [23:55] Koyoi, Last Dance wo [Naki Oujo no Tame no Septet]

You can also buy the entire set of 20 Nekokenbans on BOOTH! The set will include a tote bag, a pen and a handkerchief towel with the cover of the final album.