One Week BUTAOTOME 171: the melted mousse drips sweetly

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A chibi hero

Daily Bibibi

Ranko started to write for a webzine! In her first article, she talked about GeGeGe no Kitaro, and what it represents for her. You can read her original post here and my translation here! Future articles will be translated as soon as possible. I’m looking forward to reading more!

Violet’s queue (please send help)

I’ve created a new page with a list of all my current and upcoming translation projects (and reviews) for this website! Check it here.

Kanzen My Way

The single with the theme song of Touhou Dungeon Dive is out now on Melonbooks and iTunes. The full version of the song has been uploaded on Youtube. The lyrics on the PV are perfectly readable, so the TC page has been updated!

If you are wondering what the hell is the title of this post, well… it’s a line from the full version of the song. (original: 溶けたムースは甘く滴る)

Other news

There was a MiniComp Show last weekend, with Rute from AbsoЯute Zero. He sang Kanzen My Way.

Hakanaki Mono Ningen has been added to the international version of CHUNITHM!

On the 31st, there will be Akihabara Doujin Ongakusai, a web-only event supervised by Melonbooks. Comp tweeted that BUTAOTOME will participate!

And that’s all for this week! Monday is Ane’s birthday and I still don’t have any ideaaaaaa…