[APRIL FOOLS] Welcome to the new Kiatsu Corporation Headquarters!

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The Kiatsu Corporation, after a few inconveniences, managed to have its new base on this Buta-Otome website. From now on, we’ll use this space to talk about our activities, advertise our products… no more talks about this Buta~Otome group. It will take a while before we fully repurpose this place, so please wait warmly.

We of the Kiatsu Corporation aim to the conquering of the world to spread Hartmann’s Youkai Girl everywhere to a better future. We partnered with various other companies for the sake of humanity!

One of our latest products is VIVIT-K, the newest model of VIVIT, made in collaboration with the Cactus Company.
This VIVIT is extremely powerful and efficient, and completely immune to those dumb “robot sacrifices” the people who managed this place before made for things that won’t happen anyway! Starting tomorrow, several of them will manage this site, which was formerly a 豚—乙女 website, and they will help us to promote our works.

We hope you will look forward to our activities and support us, even those who were here for the Buta㍱Otome content!!