Change on BUTAOTOME’s policy for Youtube uploads

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A few days ago, the official FAQ on BUTAOTOME’s website has been updated. There was a major change in a specific question and answer.

Q. Can I get permission to upload your songs to video sites?
A. For content such as “I tried playing it,” “I tried singing it,” and “I tried dancing to it,” there are no restrictions as long as you clearly state this in the title and description.
Also, in recent years, there are many people who are monetizing stuff on video sites (both in Japan and overseas), so in order to prevent our content from spreading beyond our control, we only allow uploading [our songs] to video sites if you contact us in advance for PV production and such. Thank you for your understanding.

There have been several reports from people who got an email from “butaotome.official” asking to remove their video (no copyright strike). Several videos have already disappeared from Youtube. If you have a Youtube channel with BUTAOTOME songs, please respect their wishes and delete your videos (unless it’s a PV made by yourself, an instrumental/vocal cover, you dancing on it, or any kind of content that doesn’t involve studio recordings – not sure if rhythm game gameplays are actually fine).

EDIT April 5th: Don’t forget that if you have a subscription to Apple Music or Youtube Music, you can listen to BUTAOTOME’s music anytime, anywhere! The selection includes nearly all their Touhou works (the newest album, Kochuuten, will be eventually added) and the two major albums (Furubokko and Trauma Recorder).
In addition, it has recently been announced that Touhou music will be available on Spotify from April 29th!