One Week BUTAOTOME 179: insert something here.

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I hope you survived April Fools! As usual, BUTAOTOME members didn’t do anything. But TC was taken over by some weird evil company. We managed to defeat them… for now.

“Where is the Butaspring package?!”

TC updates

My copy of Kochuuten is still traveling, please send positive thoughts to that poor package lost in the Abyss (because there is also a copy of Abyss in it… get it? Okay, kill me. Or take it as a FELT reference).

Buuut! This doesn’t stop me! Thanks to NC from the Discord server, I was able to update the Kochuuten page! Full info is available, as well as lyrics, romaji, and English translations for every song! Wowowo! The album review will be published once I’ll get my copy.

I’m also working on more translations, more sections, more more, and some of this will arrive over the course of the month. Another album that was updated with lyrics translations for all its (new) tracks was Magic Lantern! An index of all the translations published so far can be found here (or on the top bar)! And I’ve also updated the Fanbox page, by replacing the header, rewriting some things, and making new separated sections for the Sisters’ weekly radio and their audio commentaries.

The ButaTubepocalypse (???)

As reported some days ago, Comp started to send take-down notices to several Youtube uploaders, requesting them to delete their videos. Various BUTAOTOME videos have disappeared from the red and white site. This is due to the Pig’s updated policy. Now they only allow Youtube uploads of their songs if they are your own PV and if you contacted them beforehand. Covers are also fine.

While Comp hasn’t been sending a huge amount of strikes, and moreover I can’t absolutely speak for him, I humbly request doujin music uploaders to respect BUTAOTOME’s wishes and delete any “generic video” you have that has their songs (and not just the one Comp flagged) before it’s too late. I think the stuff that is not available in any BUTAOTOME release is fine to keep, as they depend more on the publisher/company/other circle who published the album with that song. Keep those Cannonball songs until they get re-released in a legal way, they are among BUTAOTOME’s best material and don’t deserve to be lost!!!

Anyway, for those who want to keep listening to their music (and Touhou music in general) on streaming, you have two options:
1. get an Apple Music or Youtube Music subscription
2. wait until April 29, because they’ll be added on Spotify
I’ve created a new page about songs that are available on streaming services!

Pixiv Fanbox update

Ranko and Ane started a new series dedicated to audio commentary of old stuff. You can watch the first episode here, and yes, the post is free! Ane decided to make it public because she refound some very rare footage. The full setlist is this:

  1. Ikiru (from the White 10th anniversary live, 9th Nov 2019)
  2. Kyoai (from Bucuresti no Utage, 7th May 2010)
  3. Sharekoube (from Buta Sekken, 19 July 2014)
  4. Gensou no Satellite & Shikaban Hyakkiyakou Emaki (from Touhou Freaks vol.1, 3rd Sep 2017)

You can watch them with and without the sisters’ commentary.

And that’s all for this week!