One Week BUTAOTOME 178: Kochuuten is out, fanbox and website updates, and moooore!

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It’s spriiiing!

Post-event update

Reitaisai went fine despite the weather and the restriction, and Kochuuten has been finally released! Did you get your copy yet? Mine is still traveling from one continent to another.
If you still haven’t ordered from BOOTH, it might be a good time to do so, since Yume no Hanashi and the Ane Manga are back in stock!

The next event is Gensou Kagura 5 on May 4. This event is part of the big COMIC1 BS Fest Special event, and it will be kind of a substitute for Comiket. BUTAOTOME’s circle cut says “We are planning to bring the new album from Reitaisai 2021, its related good and maybe new good”.

FANBOX things

The sisters continued their radio show on the BUTAOTOME FANBOX! The latter part of Episode 0 is available only to FANBOX subscribers (and they talked about 2020 stuff), while the first part of episode 1 is available for free. In this one, they answered some of the odaibako submissions! (this odaibako can be used to submit fun questions to any of the three members, but also comments about the latest release)

According to this post by Ane, the sisters radio is planned to be updated every Monday at 20:00 JST, and she is also preparing another type of content that has quite a lot of information.

New song for Touhou Lost Word

Finally I have news about that game that are worth sharing here!

The next entry of the MV Project (with big names singing arrangements by popular Touhou circles) is a new Comp song named Hakugin no Kaze (白銀の風). It’s an arrangement of Mokou’s theme, and the vocalist is Nanase Aikawa. The official Lost Word channel uploaded the intro, but the livestream has an extended preview.

The full version will be released on April 27, during Lost Word’s 1st anniversary broadcast.

TC Songs pages/Translation updates

The following albums (+ one song) got their song pages updated, and lyrics translations have been added for them:

Ese Souretsu Shinan
FREAKS (+ Italian translations of several of its songs)
Kakera (also in Italian)

Other news

Ranko published a new article on Daily Bibibi, and it’s about umeboshi! You can read it here, and its translation here.

Kakera has been added to the PC GITADORA, as part of a big (and expensive…) DLC centered on Tri-Boost songs!

And that’s all for this week! By the way, be careful, tomorrow is a certain day (it already started in Japan, tho)…