One Week BUTAOTOME 187: it’s Touhou Danmaku Kagura time!

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“Why can’t we sleep when we want to and stay awake when we want to? (I’m so sleepy I can’t keep my sanity)” (Ranko, 2021)

The first recap of TC’s seventh year, woooo!


Are you playing the new game? I’ve wrote this completely honest review!

BUTAOTOME did a small live during the celebratory livestream for the game’s release, where they played songs featured in the game! Here is the Youtube link, timestamped.

  1. Gekokujoujou
  2. Machibito wa Kozu.
  3. Hakanaki mono Ningen

Gekokujoujou was played for the first time since… 2015, I think?
Machibito will become playable in DanKagu from August 14th!

Ura Best

BUTAOTOME’s summer release is… a best of. The Ura Best will feature tracks from 2010-2012 release (from Touhou Kaiten Mokuba to Jitsu wa Sensai na Anata to…). Physical copies are sold only on BOOTH and Melonbooks, and they’ll be shipped around August 15th.

This is a best of album with absolutely no new content music-wise. You can listen to all of its tracks on Spotify already (Here is the playlist, it will be deleted when the album becomes available digitally). Technically, I can write a review any time, and publish it before the release date. However, I prefer to wait until someone from my crew can get a physical copy of it. The album will have some comments by Ane in the booklet, which will be translated as soon as possible, and I hope they’ll answer some of my questions regarding the tracklist! Like, why the hell Engen Kagura Uta has only one track, #JusticeForEngenKaguraUta!!!

Translations update

I’ve slowed down my translations due to DanKagu, but today I bring you:

  • Several Omatome tracks. All the songs except for the Areazero ones, Ima Narabe and Kogane no Itami got their translation. I’m planning to publish the rest in the future.
  • Taresagaru Kokoro and Shiroi Asa from Epitaph (the other tracks are not a big priority at the moment)
  • Akubi, from Voltage of Imagination’s Kuusou Katsugeki 3. Also, my favorite song!

I’m currently working on Engen Kagura Uta and Doubt!

And that’s all for this week!