Tiramisu Cowboy’s beginning of March update

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A short update. I’m alive. I’m not working on upcoming articles, and maybe I should. A certain translation is done, but it won’t be published until my birthday. And I’m currently focusing on my personal archives… maybe there will be a Media update soon? Oh, and I’ve created a new page for documenting physical media with BUTAOTOME (and members) live recordings!

The only Buta news I bring you is that Ranko recorded something, and the Delicate tour will come to Nagoya on Sunday!

And that’s all for today. This is such a short post, so I’ll fill it with news from some of my other interests!

  • I’m very excited about the upcoming Pokémon Scarlet and Violet DLC! And the Elden Ring one, although I don’t play that game. But the lore and watching my boyfriend die countless times are fun.
  • Wow, Touhou Spell Bubble is so bad nowadays. There might be a surprise song here and there, but I feel like they are adding the same artists all over again, and adding some songs exclusively because they were in Danmaku Kagura. Also, I just noticed that both free updates, the PCB pack, and the upcoming TD one all have Beatmario songs. Does Toita really want to make DanKagu v2?!
  • Touhou Arcadia Record is currently celebrating its half anniversary with PC-98 things (oh noes, Mima is here, run!!!!), but it’s also in a worrisome status (profits are low, they have been releasing voiceless alts, and they didn’t upload the introductory video for some girls). While I like the game, I’ve always played it with the expectation that it would have probably been unable to reach its first anniversary. Touhou gachas are cursed… They either die heroes, or they live long enough to see themselves become villains… Or they are Dungeon Dive.
  • I’m not happy that Arcaea is adding Touhou songs, but I still love the game, and most of the stuff that got introduced in the recent updates is really great! I’m happy that my girl Ilith got a story and an awakened form, and my second girl Lethe also got some good content!
    “yeah, but now that Touhou is here, they can finally add BUTAOTOME for your happiness.” Honestly, I would prefer an original song, either commissioned… or something from the albums, because why not? O Lords of Rhythm Games, I’d rather have Tiramisu Cowboy or Saru somewhere instead of a weak commissioned song!
I close this post with a funny typo from Nanase Aikawa’s live DVD (actual title is Crying)