“Thank you for Daifugou VS Daihinmin” [Fanbox blog post, 08/10/2023]

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A translation of Ranko’s post-live blog post (that’s a mouthful…). Here, she explains the setlist!

Ranko here.

As the title says!
Cheers for the one man live!
Thank you for coming~!!!

As I said during the MC time, instead of playing all the songs from the Daifugou and Daihinmin albums, we sorted them out based on personal opinions, “this girl is like a millionaire (Daifugou), that one is like a beggar (Daihinmin),” and then we put together a set with the original songs of those characters✌️

So here is the setlist with an explanation!

🔵is Daifugou 🟡is Daihinmin

🔵1. Fabulous
🟡2. Hito no Tame
🔵3. Sekai wa Omou yori Hiroku Omoshiroi Hazu
🟡4. Aoi Miren, Aoi Namida
🔵5. Shitaedo Oitsukanu Tamashii
🟡6. In The Black
🔵7. Ima Narabe (Daifugou ver.)
🟡8. Nai. (Daihinmin ver.)
🔵 9. ETSU
🟡10. Kamitsu Setai Messiah
🔵11. Bero bero be
🟡12. Chosha Fumei wa Tayasuku Nusumareru
🔵13. Rokubun no Ichi
🟡14. Good Meister
🔵15. Hashiru
🟡16. Sleep Junkie
🔵17. Kakoinaki yo wa Ichigo no Tsukikage
🟡18. Soldi
19. Touchuu Aika
20. Occultic Dreamer

Here‘s the Spotify playlist.

We decided from the beginning to start with Fabulous and end with Soldi.
We came up with the songs to add to the Daifugou side right away, but the Daihinmin side was the hard part~ Among them, Rumia (Hito no Tame) and Cirno (Aoi Miren, Aoi Namida) are pretty much like the poorest of the poor, aren’t they? Is that rude?
I’m sorry that we did double Reimu by playing Kamitsu Setai Messiah and Chosha Fumei wa Tayasuku Nusumareru. I’ve been wanting to do the latter one for a while now.
We also put Mokou (Bero bero be) among the rich, but that was when she was alive; I think she would be among the poor as immortal… Sorry.
We thought of Yuyuko (Shitaedo Oitsukanu Tamashii) and Kaguya (Kakoinaki Yo wa Ichigo no Tsukikage) for the Daifugou side. They are undeniably rich gals.
I’m glad to have Yachie (Rokubun no Ichi) here because I’ve wanted to play that song for a long time! She is among the rich ones – A biased choice for a mafia boss.
I thought I should have done more from the albums, but that will have to wait for another time, yeah…,

For the encore, we chose songs from the human side, which are neither poor nor rich. (Isn’t Akyuu a millionaire……? Please leave aside that kind of comment) When was the last time you heard Touchuu Aika? I thought it was a good song when I was listening to the first BUTABEST, so we added it… I’m glad you enjoyed it.

It was intense when we put them together, but that’s because there was no place to take a break. And there were a lot of new songs and songs we hadn’t played in a while, so I was nervous all the time. But I’m glad we took on the challenge, it was stimulating and fun, and most importantly, everyone was happy.
I would like to do another live concert with this kind of concept.

Immediately after the live performance, “Honjitsu no Makugire ni” from Juushin was played in the background. This is also an arrangement of “Egoistic Flowers”. It was a live concert full of Yorigami sisters, from the goods to everything else.

We also announced next year’s tour (more details will be available in the future), and we still have more gigs to go before the end of the year.
I feel energized when I see your faces, and I would be happy if you would come to our live shows to cheer yourself up too. Please come see me anytime!

See you soon. Ranko signing off!