Kouroumu, live news, and ???

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So glad I can replay one of my favorite games on Switch!

First of all, give some positive thoughts to my Kyoto Hifuu package. Although this time it was shipped with the faster EMS option, I still didn’t receive it. Please don’t be lost in the abyss, there is very rare merch inside, and also new friends! *checks the tracking right before publishing this post* Oh, it finally arrived in Italy! Gotta wait the whole weekend…

Secondly, I have updated the upcoming content page! Things are coming!! I may also publish a small review not listed there during the weekend or next week. It’s mostly to reuse some old notes… Recycling is good!

Now, for Buta news….

The Daifugou VS Daihinimin live went fine! The members have been posting some pics on social media, and Ranko wrote this nice post explaining the setlist!

Now, what’s next? Well, we have more lives for this year, but we also already have some plans for 2024! Next year is BUTAOTOME’s 15th anniversary, and there will be a tour from February to April! Locations will be in Tokyo, Nagoya, Osaka, Niigata, Sendai, Fukuoka and I think somewhere in Hokkaido (because North… and where would they go otherwise?). More details should be available later this month.

We also have a new live for October 29! Machi Asobi is a periodical festival in the city of Tokushima, and it will also have a small Touhou Gakusai live with certain Touhou circles, including the Pig! Meanwhile, Machi Asobi is having a gourmet hunt through Tokushima where one can get postcards associated with various media and things, from mainstream franchises to small Touhou circles! There are two BUTAOTOME postcards: one with the 2023 promo pic and the other with Retake+’s artwork. Here is an English article that talks more about the gourmet hunt itself.

Ranko will do a special live next month! She will be the vocalist of this band called 塩タン五人前 (Shiotan Goninmae), where they’ll play Buta songs, but also Kishida, Tetsuwan Tokage Tanchiki, and more! It’s a full band with guitarists, a drummer, and a bassist, so it will be a very peculiar live for her! November 18 at Kyoto After Beat, tickets are here.

Touhou Kouroumu 19 is on Sunday! Ranko will be alone at Buta’s space, and there won’t be anything new except that the Soldi and Fabulous keychains have joined the song keychain lineup.

Oh yeah, speaking of merch, BUTAOTOME’s BOOTH has been updated with leftover stocks of the DaiVS merch (the two shirts and the keychain). Some older merch is also back in stock, such as the Delicate Ane shirt and Yuuma’s acrylic stand. And the 50% sale is still ongoing!

And that’s all for today!