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Autumnal Reitaisai 2 release!

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I LOVE RED’s sequel! I LOVE CHERRY Official website 1. ダンスダンスダンス | Dance dance dance [Youyou Bakko] 2. オレンジ | Orange [Diāo yè zōng (withered leaf)] 3. 枯れ木知らず | Kareki shirazu [Yuuga ni Sakase, Sumizome no Sakura ~ Border of Life] 4. one life [Necro-Fantasia] 5. ただいま | Tada ima [Yuurei Gakudan ~ Phantom Ensemble] 6. パーフェクトドール | Perfect doll… Read more »

Autumnal Reitaisai 2 announcement

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The Autumnal Reitaisai release will be announced (probably) this Friday!Judging by the fact in these days Ranko didn’t tweeted “I’ve recorded!!1” at all and Paprika posted a couple of Twitpics with her recording vocals… Unless they are trolling/surprising us, I LOVE RED 2 is 90% confirmed. Butaotome will also partecipate at the Kagaku Seiki Cafe Terrace event on Monday, but… Read more »