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Song of the week: Y

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From the livestream of 30th July 2014. I have some important news, but I’ll write an update later in the day! Meanwhile, have one of my favourites! Title: 歪~Y~ Translation: Distortion Original themes: Rigid Paradise | Desire Drive | Furuki Yuánshén ワタシの全部、アナタのもの。 ワタシのセカイ、全てが。 アナタは違う、世界がある。 ━━━ワタシはそれが、サミシイ。 watashi no zenbu, anata no mono. watashi no sekai, subete ga. anata wa chigau, sekai ga… Read more »

Song of the week: NAIMAZE

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From the livestream of 27th August 2014. Today, after a long time, they finally performed something! Ranko’s voice sounded as good as it used to be :hearts: :happy: There was also the new album in background and you know, I want to avoid listening until I get my copy (hopefully on Monday). Meanwhile, have this good performance from my archives!… Read more »