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Only a few days before the fanbook release! Still no XFD of the special CD, though…

Here are various pics with other previews:
Photo of the Special Disc
Ranko no Ane’s illustrations
Melonbooks/Toranoana/Animate Special extras

Now, if everything goes well, I should get my copy the week after. Once I’ll get it, various works related to the fanbook will start: obviously I won’t post any picture or download, but I’ll do my best with translating the interesting contents. Looking at the index, I’ll give top priority to members’ profiles, Comp’s corner, the glossary, and the symposium. Then, maybe I’ll try to translate the Ekaki Uta, since that type of song is supposed to have a really simple language… Also, Paprika’s corner should be fun!
I’ll also update some things I wanted to do, but then I said: “I’ll wait for the fanbook”… We could say we are reaching a 2.0 of Tiramisu Cowboy. Or… 1.5? I think I need a layout change for a proper “2.0”, but I’m really fine with this one (except the logo… but now I think I am used to it)!