Song of the week: Genome Aji

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From the livestream of 7th May 2014.
No Ranko today. Meanwhile, she started to record stuff for future releases!
Btw, this week is April Fools and I think one of the moe-trash fifth tracks (as I named them) is a fitting choice! wwwwww

Title: ゲノム味
Romaji: Genome aji
Translation: Genome taste

みんなばっか みんなばっか ソルト味
みんなばっか みんなばっか 矛襖
みんなばっか みんなばっか 飼い殺し
みんなばっか みんなばっか ワンルーム

minna bakka minna bakka soruto aji
minna bakka minna bakka hokobusuma
minna bakka minna bakka kaigoroshi
minna bakka minna bakka wan ruumu

やめて上手 棚がぼたもち

yamete uwate tana ga botamochi
somete karete meka busou
tsugi no oto ra


konekurimawashite konna ndou?
gazeru to shaneru ga hakkan kontesuto
babiron no higashi no hou gakkou sappou
konekurimawashite konna ndou?
adamu to genomu no imouto to
rimooto no imouto to

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