Updates + Next events

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Hey, look at the new shiny List of Songs! It had a lot of changes before its final version: I wanted to give it cool colors because I want this list to be one of the most important pages on the site. The current palette is based on the second fanbook cover/Otona Gum’s artwork and its colors are also fitting with the layout! I just love how good it looks :heart: I’ve also redesigned Ranko’s solo page: now it’s identical to the Other songs page, and I’ve also added a couple of trivia. This layout can also be a callback to Buta’s discography page in their old website, with all those mini-banners… ww
Anyway, the next thing will be fin- no. It’s better if I won’t say anything because otherwise, I won’t do anything. It’s always like that. Ok, sorry, I’ll just say I have other things to do for this site! ^^“

Time to move on some news related to the circle… There was Goudou Saiji this weekend: it was a “gathering” of minor monothematic Touhou events: there was the ReiMari only, the IN only, the Suwako only and so on… Butaotome had their booth at Sakura Dayori, which is a PCB-only: they were planning to bring an I LOVE CHERRY-related thing (2-folded paper with styled artworks, similar to the RED one for EoSD-only from last January), but the Sis didn’t manage to finish it in time D: Anyway. I still keep up to date the column on the right with every event they’ll participate (even the minor stuff like this because why not), with the most important ones in bold. In his newest blog post, Comp wrote that there will be new works for M3, Comitia, and Reitaisai!! I think for M3 they’ll release something original/non-Touhou related, but that’s just my assumption, mainly because there is Reitaisai two weeks after (circles can release Touhou stuff for M3 – even Buta themselves did this in the past, see Gensou Homo Ludens). Comitia is an event I rarely heard about, at least regarding music (the only releases were the Phloxcafe things, but those were book + CD): from my searches, it seems to be centered on original doujin comics. Anyway, stay tuned for more info!