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Reitaisai album and Comitia photobook

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The Reitaisai album was leaked before on some random website and one hour before on Melonbooks, but I’m posting this now for respect and for adding the Comitia release. This time the album’s theme seems to be centered on the memories of the humans! (+ Yukari rapping fooling around…) 今日が最後の一日 | Kyou ga Saigo no IchinichiOfficial site /// Mobile site… Read more »

Reitaisai 13 guest list (+ things)

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M3 has ended and Tanjou is now on sale! The column on the right has been updated as usual. Actually, I’ve created the Tanjou page last week, but I still have to put it in the Discography page because, as I said on Twitter a few days ago, I want to wait for the Comitia release before an update (this… Read more »

Touhou Party Box – Hakurei Jinja ver-

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[I have the feeling the ZERO SOUNDS album I’ve talked about here won’t be released, at least for this M3…] A new compilation album by Melonbooks will be released on Reitaisai! XFDThe samples are really short, but Buta’s track (the second one) is yet another Septette for a Dead Princess arrangement: 紅く揺らめく月夜は永く | Akaku Yurameku Tsukiyo wa Nagaku.The second disc… Read more »

New songs for Groove Coaster 3

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If you go at Reitaisai, you can play Groove Coaster and there will be new songs!Kami no Hi (カミノヒ) is an arrangement of Nuclear Fusion by COSIO (ZUNTATA) and is sung by Ranko. While Karisome (カリソメ) is yet another arrangement of Hartmann’s Youkai Girl by Comp, but this time Ichigo (Kishida Kyoudan) is on vocals.These songs will be released on… Read more »

Updates + Next events

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Hey, look at the new shiny List of Songs! It had a lot of changes before its final version: I wanted to give it cool colors because I want this list to be one of the most important pages on the site. The current palette is based on the second fanbook cover/Otona Gum’s artwork and its colors are also fitting… Read more »

HMV In-Store live + Reitaisai 13

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Pics taken from Ranko’s twitterToday there was the In-Store event at the HMV & BOOKS in Tokyo. It was mainly for promoting the fanbook and they did an acoustic live! Setlist:1. Circus2. Kiraware3. Mou ii yo4. Otona Gum On another note, the Reitaisai 13 (which will be the 8th of May) circle list is finally published, and Buta confirmed their… Read more »