Reitaisai 13 guest list (+ things)

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M3 has ended and Tanjou is now on sale! The column on the right has been updated as usual. Actually, I’ve created the Tanjou page last week, but I still have to put it in the Discography page because, as I said on Twitter a few days ago, I want to wait for the Comitia release before an update (this is also the reason why the fanbook is still not there: I don’t know where to put it. But the page is accessible from the column on the right and the list of songs, so that’s fine, I guess?). Also, I have the feeling “Pap & Comp” might not be a proper official romanization/English name for パプトコンプ, but I’ll leave it in this way until I get the CD somehow or an official confirmation. The name rendered in this way has an “odd couple” vibe… w

Speaking of the Comitia release, they finally sent it to the press! It’s unknown when they’ll announce it (and also the Reitaisai CD), but they’ll definitely say something during the streaming next week (…if there will be).

Now, after these random talks, let’s go to the main topic of this post: Reitaisai 13! While the Buta album is still not announced, there are already many releases from other circles, with various guest participations from Butamembers. As usual, I’m going to list everything in this post, and I’ll update it if there is any new announcement!! I’ll also put direct links to the XFDs because Karento’s page makes my PC suffer, but maybe is just my problem.

[LAST UPDATE: 04/05/2016]

Touhou PARTY BOX -Hakurei Jinja ver- | Melonbooks Records /// XFD
Disc 1, track 2: 紅く揺らめく月夜は永く | Akaku Yurameku Tsukiyo wa Nagaku [Septette for a Dead Princess]
As I’ve wrote a few days ago! (news link)

東方響宴夢 (Touhou Kyouenmu)
Track 3: カミノヒ | Kami no hi [Solar Sect of Mystic Wisdom ~ Nuclear Fusion]
Track 4: カリソメ | Karisome [Hartmann’s Youkai Girl]
More info in this post.

M other | Shinra-Bansho
/// XFD
Track 3: ノーレッジパラノイア | Knowledge Paranoia [Voile, the Magic Library]
Track 7: 21世紀少女 | 21 Seiki Shoujo [Satellite Café Terrace]
Kaztora got Ranko once again for singing some tracks, 3 years after Paraiso’s release.

TOHO EUROBEAT 秘 (Hi) | A-One /// XFD
Track 3: Side by Side [Strange Bird of the Moon, Illusion of the Mysterious Cat]
This track, arranged by FN2, is a duet between Ranko and A-One’s vocalist Aki.

VISTA | Karento /// XFD
Track 6: Pinhole mind [Reverse Ideology]
The vocalist Mamemi got once again an arrangement by Paprika (with Comp’s bass).

スミレコガクエン (Sumireko Gakuen) | 第四分隊 /// Sample
A collaborative doujin where many artists provided comics, illustrations and novels centered on the theme of Sumireko Usami and school. Ranko no Ane drew an illustration, entitled “The Ideal School Life of Sumireko-chan” (菫子ちゃんの理想の学園生活)

“Activity” Case:06 -Shining Future- | GET IN THE RING
/// XFD
Track 10: Forgotten Paradise [Satellite TORIFUNE | Trojan Asteroid Jungle | Ame-no-torifune Shrine | The Barrier of Ame-no-torifune Shrine]
Track 13: Brandnew Overture [Gathering the Mysterious from All Around Japan]
Yes, it should be the same identical song from C89, or at least a remastered version, as written on the official page. But Ranko recorded something for GET IN THE RING last week, and I suppose is this one. There was also Mai Kotohge a few days before, and she was a past guest of this Activity series. Either way, I’m listing this just for give this info! UPDATE: According to Ranko’s Reitaisai post, she provided a bit of vocals for the final track of the album. I suppose they are just few lines or a chorus.

And let’s finish this post with another new announcement! Just today, a special song for celebrate the 21st anniversary of Touhou Project has been announced. It will be made by the “Reitaisai Collab Unit” (博麗神社例大祭コラボユニット), which consists of all the circles participating at the Uta Matsuri live this July: Alstroemeria Records, A-One, Kishida Kyoudan, COOL&CREATE, BUTAOTOME and Yuuhei Satellite. It’s unclear what it will be more specifically, but we should get more details during the Niconico Choukaigi (ニコニコ超会議2016) this Friday, where Buta are guests along with the fellow Touhou ABC circles. According to the official website, this song will be playable on Sound Voltex and Taiko no Tatsujin during this event and Reitaisai, but it will be released in public during June (and will be also playable on Chunithm and Groove Coaster).
Uta Matsuri special page
Niconico Choukaigi (Reitaisai page)