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M3-37 release: Tanjou

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BUTAOTOME’s first techno album, “starring Pap & Comp” (パプトコンプ)! 誕生 | TanjouOfficial website 一ヶ月 | Ikkagetsu 肉の風上 | Niku no kazakami アンナ | Anna 逐一ビッチ | Chikuichi bitch ワカメワンダーランド | Wakame wonderland ミルク | Milk ごはん | Gohan シャンパジスタ | Champagister

M3-37 announcement

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Butaotome’s M3-37 release will be announced this Saturday (16th) at 21:00 JST (14:00 CEST)! They confirmed it will be an original CD, but it’s unknown what it will be actually (sixth original? Original Nekokenban? ?????????).Oh, there will be the usual streaming tomorrow! They are still working on the Reitaisai release: Ranko is lost with recordings and she can’t wait for… Read more »

M3-37 news

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First of all, no streaming for this week! The animals took other pics while they were in Niigata, but is still unknown if those photos will have a purpose. Anyway. Some days ago, the circle list for M3-37 was finally published! ListTranslation of Buta’s description (their booth is 第一展示場 G-14b):“We are usually active in the rock genre, but this time… Read more »

Updates + Next events

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Hey, look at the new shiny List of Songs! It had a lot of changes before its final version: I wanted to give it cool colors because I want this list to be one of the most important pages on the site. The current palette is based on the second fanbook cover/Otona Gum’s artwork and its colors are also fitting… Read more »