Senshaku Zesshou no Fantasia Full ver.

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The song is available to play on SOUND VOLTEX since a few days.
Anyway, there was an official Reitaisai streaming (with also Comp and Papu as guest) and they announced a present CD for those who’ll attend the Uta Matsuri! It will have a full edition of this collab, featuring all the other extra boss themes from Koishi to Hecatia!
– Hartmann’s Youkai Girl [Yuuhei Satellite]
– Heian Alien [Alstroemeria Records]
– Futatsuiwa from Sado [A-One]
– Primordial Beat ~ Pristine Beat [BUTAOTOME]
– Pandemonic Planet [Kishida Kyoudan]
And more minna daisuki Marisa from Cool&Create.