Upcoming and music games stuff

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I originally planned to write this news tomorrow, with the short weekly update, but I was browsing websites and suddenly found things.

First of all, I’ve updated the livestream page by adding the stuff from the current streamings (I’ll add a screenshot in another time)!

Now, news from the Butaworld: the one man live on December is called “Gohoukoku ga arimasu.” (ご報告があります。), translatable as “We have news.”. Yeah, I know, it sounds like I got the wrong name, but it’s really this ^^“ It will be Buta’s greatest liveshow for this year!

Meanwhile, they are working on the C90 releases! We still don’t know what they will be. But Ranko wrote lyrics!

Now, for music games related stuff: on Thursaday, Aru Haru no Hi will be finally playable on Sound Voltex!
Also, in a still unknown date, Kakera will be playable on REFLEC BEAT VOLLZA 2 and BeatStream (Source)! I’ve noticed that BeatStream songs always have a PV in the background (at least from the various gameplay videos I’ve watched). Does this mean Kakera will get a video?! We’ll see!