Pocket no News 8

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I’m currently playing Pokémon Moon and there are very few things that will make me pause the game. One of these is managing this website and observing the World of BUTAOTOME. Things aside, here is the promised update!

First of all, some days ago I’ve added translated titles on the Nekokenban pages! I thought for a while about how to put them in those pages, since the majority of the titles express the album concepts, are pretty long and not that easy to memorize in a romanized form.
Also (not related to the Nekos), I’m planning to write an article and I would like to finish it before the upcoming one man show for particular reasons, so give me motivation (?)

Now, Buta-related news! They started to record the C91 stuff already, around the first days of this month. It’s kinda earlier than usual, but I think it’s mainly because they want to focus on Gohoukoku (maybe they might play a new song there, who knows?). There are no tweets that could hint to something about the album(s). Ranko just tweets “I’ll record!!11/I’ve recorded!!111” (without specifing what or for who), Comp posted pics of his equipment, Paprika just post daily selfies/short videos of her doing random nonsense and Sis is The Sis. However, there is something Ranko tweeted time ago that caught my attention (translated): “No, I’m still on the point of crying since today’s recording ( ;∀;) Uu…” Maybe it’s an hint for a powerful sad song? Also, a couple of days ago she was busy with lyrics, so maybe the release(s) is not entirely done?

Speaking of Ranko crying (Ranko please, be strong for us and cry only on songs), there was Beatmario and Amane’s wedding party last Tuesday, Butaotome were there and played the legendary Ningen ga Daisuki na Kowareta Youkai no Uta! The wedding was streamed on niconico: I haven’t watched it live, but with some help from the usuals, I can bring you the video of this performance!

See you next update! ?( ¨̮ ?)