Pocket no News 9

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Sorry for the late! I was busy with… this. I’ve recreated the list of songs on WordPress, since I found the google document to be a bit unpratical (though I’ll still keep it). Please note that this WordPress site exists exclusively for hosting the list: all the contents of TC remain on Tumblr. I’ve also already added tomorrow’s update! (oh, and I’ll add a decent header in a second moment)

Now, news from the Butaworld:
1. The major album has been mastered yesterday! We will definitely start to get informations about it from next year, but I won’t exclude the chance of a few news to be released tomorrow, in the shape of a promotional flyer distributed during Comiket.
2. From next year, Bowling (the first original album) will be out of print. Tomorrow will be the last time this CD will be sold at a large event. If you are still missing this album, purchase it as soon as possible!
3. A new song for the music game Reflec Beat has been announced. But it’s not a BUTAOTOME song: it’s composed by Akhuta and has Ranko on vocals. The title is “零” (zero/rei), and it will be available on Reflec Beat from New Year’s Eve!
4. Tomorrow there will be A-One’s one man live, and Ranko will be a guest! Probably she will sing STAR LINER, Side by Side and other A-One songs which featured her vocals. The live will be broadcasted on Nicovideo, so feel free to watch it if you want: link.

And that’s all for this update! Comiket is in a few hours, and tomorrow morning I’ll update the sidebar etc., as usual!