Pocket no News 20: Touhou Liveboxes and Reitaisai guest list

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Wow, we’ve got to the 20th update!

First of all, there was the Touhou Livebox yesterday! It was broadcasted on Youtube, but I didn’t knew about it until Ranko tweeted “hey, we finished performing, thanks also to those who watched the livestream!!111”. However, you can rewatch it on Youtube! I have the feeling Melonbooks will delete it, though, but I’m planning to save something! Fuwari Kakusei was the highlight w

The Niconico Chokaigi is ongoing this weekend! Butaotome played today as part of the Chou Touhou Livebox! Setlist only had usual singles, with the most recent one being… Hakanaki Mono Ningen. Anyway, they will also play tomorrow, this is the livestream link and apparently it’s timeshiftable!

During this Niconico Chokaigi, it’s possible to play the 9th anniversary edition of Cirno’s Perfect Math Class on Sound Voltex and Synchronica. A reminder that this song is a big collab with lots of circles, including BUTAOTOME. It will be also playable on Taiko no Tatsujin at Reitaisai!

For the next section of this article, here is the guest participation list for Reitaisai 14! We have once again a poor list, but I’ll keep update it (who knows, maybe in this last week before the event will suddenly pop up lots of albums).

party haku 2

Touhou PARTYBOX Hakurei Jinja ver 2 | Melonbooks /// XFD 1XFD 2
Disc 1, track 12: 欲望の小槌 | Yokubou no Kodzuchi [Inchlings of the Shining Needle ~ Little Princess]
Disc 2, track 5: 朗月 | Rougetsu [Watatsuki’s Spell Card ~ Lunatic Blue] (acoustic version)
Speaking of the second track, I’m glad Melonbooks started to include these extra remixes! Though, I would prefer if Butaotome’s tracks had a proper name to differentiate them from their original versions… If this new Rougetsu can be simply labelled as “acoustic version”, then how we could name the Daruma-san remix from last Partybox?

Also, Melonbooks will release an instrumental version of the first Touhou PARTYBOX album, with off vocal versions of Nanikashira and Iyaiya. Link

東方六楽抄 (Touhou Rokugakushou) | GROOVE COASTER
/// XFD
Track 6: コノハズク | Konohazuku [Shoutoku Legend ~ True Administrator | Starry Sky of Small Desires]
The title means “eurasian scops owl” (think about Miko’s animal form in the fighting games). Lulz aside, this song will be unlockable on arcade versions of Groove Coaster during the month of May, for a Ten Desires-based event.

Speaking of Groove Coaster, the 13th Touhou arrange pack has been released yesterday for the mobile versions, and it includes Kiyoraka na Koufuku!

Now, let’s move on news about this site! I don’t have too much to say, except that I’ve added Pop’s recipes some days ago. Also, I’m currently working on a new section: it’s a pretty personal one for me, and it will include stuff from a certain post in my old blog, as well as some ideas I had for the site. I want to finish it soon!

See you let’s update!