Weekly recap 15: Trauma Recorder tour, Tasogare Elegy and En’s remake albums, etc.

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And the autumnal releases are…

Tasogare Elegy and En’s reprints! They are the same exact thing from 2010: it’s your chance if you are still missing these albums! But in case you already have them, there is still something for you…

These two albums will get a remake version! All the tracks are remade as piano + vocals only versions.
There are no samples at the moment. Tasogare Elegy and its remake will be released at Reitaisai while En will be released at Kouroumu. Outside of the events, they’ll be sold only on Melonbooks.
Also, as reported on the official site, the first track of Tasogare Elegy, “Kaze ni Noseta Negai”, will be playable on Chunithm! It will be part of the MoF event.

The other big news is the announcement of Trauma Recorder’s tour, in January and February! Tickets will go on sale the day after Namanamashii Buta, but fanclub presales will start next Wednesday!

During the week, Trauma Recorder’s video has been featured in many Japanese news websites. That’s because of the girl featured in the video: she is Akane Suzuki, who was a finalist in Miss iD 2018 (Japanese beauty contest aimed to “unusual” beauties).

The Minami Wheel festival went well! Butaotome’s setlist was this:
1. Radical Shoujo
2. Sharekoube
3. Hakusen
4. Tiramisu Cowboy
5. Saru
6. Furubokko
It’s identical to the last two original only live, but at least Tiramisu is back! Also, some flyers with pins have been distributed at the festival.
On the other hand, the setlist of the Shanghai live has not been posted, but it was probably just the usual Touhou stuff.

Butaotome’s schedule for this week: this Saturday they’ll play in Shibuya for the celebrative live of Cirno’s Perfect Class and the day after they’ll be at Autumnal Reitaisai!

TC Crew Theater 15. It’s Jump Otome’s 3rd anniversary! Sadly my DVD player doesn’t work, so I’m just listening the special album…