Weekly recap 27: tour started, etc.

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First livestream of the year! The Kimi no corner and the GenSate parodies (where Comp sang random stuff over the melody of BUTAOTOME’s signature song) were back! Sadly the livestream lagged a lot for me, even with the timeshift…

There is almost no news this week: the tour started, the first setlist of the year has been published in the previous post, and another small live unrelated to the tour has been announced for February. But here is the setlist for Monday’s live!
1. Furubokko
2. Ikiru no ga Heta na dake
3. Kasho no Yume
4. Yodare
5. Hakusen
6. Sharekoube
7. Trauma Recorder
A Touhou song which is not Gensou no Satellite or a usual 2010 single?!!? The end of the world is near! Also, Hakusen and Sharekoube are back (I think the former one won’t be played for the entirety of the Trauma Recorder tour due to the presence of two ballads in the album).
Oh, and Ranko was dressed like her chibi self.

Now, talking about upcoming stuff on Tiramisu Cowboy:
– C93 stuff: Scott got his package already, Koe’s page will be up in a couple of hours and I’ve finally listened Ayakashi Yokochou with him, but I’ll still wait for my copy. The review will be the hardest part…
– Magazines: the two magazines I ordered a month ago are in Naples for unknown reasons (it’s the opposite side of where I live). I hope they won’t get lost… In the meantime, I still have to take a better look to the Bass Magazine interview, though I’ve entirely transcribed it.

That’s all for this week! ᕙ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)ᕗ

TC Crew Theater 27.