Weekly recap 28: ask the Sis, etc.

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The tour will come back next week!

Last Sunday, Ichigo was at Comp’s home/studio, and apparently, she recorded something…

It has been announced that Groove Coaster will get a PC release via Steam this Spring! It’s unknown if it will also have its big selection of BUTAOTOME tracks (I think the mobile version has all of them except for Furubokko and the Kage no Densetsu remix).

The Sis made an account on peing.net, where anyone can submit her anonymous questions! Here is a translation of some of the more interesting/funny ones (note: one of these is not translated):

Why are you a different species from your sister? (human and rabbit)
I wonder why. I’d like to know too.
Ever since we were children, we were always told that we didn’t look much alike.

Are there chances for you to sing live, or for another CD like Sachlich?
I don’t think I’ll be singing live…
And neither for a CD… I don’t really think about it

I love your drawings, designs, and 4koma, there are many super cool BUTAOTOME goods, so I would love some goods or t-shirts based on the 4koma series.
Thank you~. I’ll think about it because I have so many requests.

Do you like carrots?
It’s not my favorite.

Why did you decide to work with a straightforward name like “Ranko’s older sister”?
I was shyer than I am now, so I wanted to remain nameless… I assume I thought the bonus feeling of being associated with someone was just fine.

That’s all for this week… in the meantime, I still haven’t got my C93 package… But Jor got his stuff today, so thanks to him I can finally bring you the page for Te no Naka no Aozora, the new Melonbooks Touhou track! Now, for this Comiket (and excluding the new albums in my package), I’m only missing that Grateful Beasts compilation, so if someone wants to help…!

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