Music Room Vol.2 – a small review

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I got access to it and lyrics are up (you can access the Music Room page from here or from the bottom of the discography page). Here is my small comment on the new songs~

1. Gekkou
Selene’s light is not exactly a common choice, I think it’s rare to find it even in Marisa-centered albums! This song has a very different rock vibe compared to the typical BUTAOTOME stuff but still has some touches, I think it sounds more electronic-influenced.

2. Yozakura Hanami
Standard Paprika track, it sounds very sweet! There is a jazzy segment before the final stanza, which doesn’t fit really fit in my opinion… but perhaps it serves as flashback/dream sequence.

3. Yume ja nai Nanika (inst)
Instrumental re-arrangement of a certain ReiMari song from En. It’s vastly different from the original vocal version and it transformed it to something straight from Nekokenban 11!

4. Gekkou (karaoke)
Again, what should I say? I think the instrumental base is more interesting this time, Ranko wasn’t lying when she said it sounded cool!

I have some more talks, but being more related to the music rooms overall I’ll save them for next week, with the final disc of the series!