Reitaisai 15 guest list

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So, Reitaisai is this weekend! As usual, here is the list of album with BUTAOTOME’s guest participations!

Before starting, let me do a random musing: there is this recent trend of releasing albums containing covers and remixes of the same song, and you can see two of those in this list. I call this type of album “Endless of :song title:”, from Digital Wing’s “Endless of Paranoia”. I don’t want Butaotome to release a “Endless of Machibito/GenSate”: it might be an option for their 10th anniversary in 2019/2020, but I think they would rather release a collection of various old hits remixed and covered by multiple artists (so we could have, for example, GenSate Cool&Create version, Machibito by A-One, Mesen by Akatsuki Records etc.). This is just what I imagine (or better: I would love) they could do: I don’t know if they are even planning anything for their 10th anniversary! Said this, let’s start! All the XFDs are from Youtube and they are timestamped.

東方弐集想 (Touhou Nishuusou) | TAITO
/// XFD
Track 10: 孤独な花 – FULL EDITION – | Kodoku na Hana [Yamaoku no Encounter]
Track 19: コノハズク- GAME EDITION – | Konohazuku [Shoutoku Densetsu ~ True Administrator | Chiisana Yokubou no Hoshizora]
TAITO will bring their fourth GROOVE COASTER compilation, centered on stage 2 bosses. The new BUTAOTOME song is an arrange of Nemuno’s theme and it will be playable on arcades from tomorrow! The album has also game size editions of the song from the previous GC compilation (centered on final bosses), including Konohazuku, which I remind it’s an instrumental arrange of Miko’s theme and stage.

オールナイト・オブ・ナイツ (All Night of Nights) | COOL&CREATE
/// XFD
Track 5: ナイト・オブ・ナイツ 豚乙女ver. | Night of Nights BUTAOTOME ver. [Flowering Night | Tsukidokei ~ Luna Dial]
It’s been 11 years since our favourite poop released Night of Nights, and to celebrate this here is an album full of covers and remixes of that infamous Sakuya arrange. The BUTAOTOME version is a vocal one and features lyrics written by Comp and a delicious bassline.

Scream out! ~Tribute Party~ | A-One /// XFD
Track 3: Scream out! (豚乙女 Ver.) [Ashita Hare no Hi, Ke no Kinou | Native Faith]
This album is a collection of covers and remixes of A-One’s signature song. In a different twist, the BUTAOTOME version is arranged by Paprika and it sounds much more laid back.

Bonus: DiGiTAL WiNG will release HIGH SPEED BEST OF RAVER’S NEST Vol.1, another best of album for their Raver’s Nest series. Tenchi Yuuyou (天地有用), sung by Ranko, is included (again?)

Aaaaand that’s all. Now I want to talk about my spring order and purchases. I don’t think this needs to be specified, but I will buy both Daihinmin and Majotachi no Ongakushitsu. Reviews and co. will arrive once I get my copies, and I won’t take any upload from bad sources into consideration. I will skip the Touhou Peace album (sorry, but I’m not a fan at all of both Cool&Create and -current- Tamaonsen, so this collaboration doesn’t sound good for me). I still need it for Tiramisu purposes, but my will to work on it is less than 0, so I would appreciate it if any kind person would be able to help with lyrics and co.. Regarding guest tracks: Jor wants to buy the Groove Coaster album and we’ll try to wait for its shop release, Scream out has less priority due to being a direct cover, while Night of Nights… ¯_(ツ)_/¯