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Solid (short ver) PV

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The PV for Solid, first track of Daihinmin, has been uploaded! This is a short version. The full version will be published on a later date. The video is made by 駿 with Sis’ arts and it was supervisioned by Chisei The PV has also lyrics and I’ve transcribed them! Tiramisu’s page

Reitaisai 15 guest list

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So, Reitaisai is this weekend! As usual, here is the list of album with BUTAOTOME’s guest participations! Before starting, let me do a random musing: there is this recent trend of releasing albums containing covers and remixes of the same song, and you can see two of those in this list. I call this type of album “Endless of :song… Read more »

Daihinmin and Majotachi no Ongakushitsu

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Main pageAnd here are the two new albums to be released at next week’s Reitaisai! Daihinmin (大貧民) is a Antinomy of Common Flowers-based album. Wait… no Paprika-arranged track?! Also, the official website says that there is a MV coming in the next days! Website 1. ソリッド | Solid [Koyoi wa Hyouitsu na Egoist ~ Egoistic Flowers] 2. 過密世帯メサイヤ | Kamitsu… Read more »

Touhou Peace album

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As announced yesterday, Touhou Peace, the June tour with Tamaonsen and Cool&Create, will get an accompaning CD! It will be sold at Reitaisai along with the new albums (which will be announced tomorrow) Official website 1. ケロちゃん神がかり同人道 | Kero-chan Kami gakari Doujindou [Native Faith] Arrange: Coro Lyrics: ytr Vocals: ytr, Matsu, Beatmario, Amane 2. チグハグな世界 | Chiguhagu na Sekai [Kibou… Read more »