[UPDATED] Touhou music available on iTunes and Google Play Music

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Some big news announced today! From Sunday the 14th, a large selection of both official and fanmade Touhou music will be available on iTunes and Google Play! There will be also the entirety of BUTAOTOME’s Touhou discography up until the Reitaisai 15 releases!

Here is the official website of the initiative, here is the Butaotome page with the list of all their available albums. It might give you error 503, the site is currently flooded. But the most important thing is that is currently unknown if they will be also available outside of Japan.

Meanwhile, the official website for Yuusei Hakurankai is finally up, with also the XFD for the memorial disc!

UPDATE: I’m currently at home and I can take a better look to this new service, now that the website is not visited by 5000 people at once!

As mentioned earlier, this new service aims to offer more accessibility to Touhou music and a great selection of official and fanmade music is available! According to the official website the albums will be also sold overseas, but it’s up to the circle’s discretion if they want to sell them just in Japan. Comp’s comment from this screenshot (which I suppose comes from the Touhou Station streaming, I didn’t watch it) explicitely mentions overseas people, which means, yes. BUTAOTOME’s Touhou discography will be available to purchase for us too! All their Touhou albums will be available on iTunes and Google Play Music from Sunday the 14th, except for the C94 albums (note that there are some C94 albums by other circles, I suppose Rengoku 4 and co. will be added after some time) and all the event-exclusive releases.

I will update the How to Buy guide and the album pages after the 20th of the month, once I come back from my holiday.