A small review of Yuusei Hakurankai and its memorial disc

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I’m still on holiday, but I’ve got the chance to listen to the Yuusei Hakurankai Memorial Disc thanks to Jordi. I’m so very enthusiastic about it and I wanted to review it!!

But first, let’s talk about the main disc. Yuusei Hakurankai, also known as “BUTAOTOME’s Best of Hifuu”. With its 19 tracks this album is on par with ButaBest3 for the number of tracks, but it offers a wider selection that spans across all of BUTAOTOME’s active years. There is at least one song for every year except the current one and a great variety of styles. This makes it one of the more recommended best of albums!

I have two minor complaints, however. The first is that I would have excluded tracks from the full Hifuu albums (FREAKS, Folie a deux etc.). I think Hifuu fans prefer to buy full albums instead of Touhou CDs with multiple sources.
The second is the anatomy of Renko and Merry in the cover. But if you can pass over it, I think it’s a nice cover. There are also some nice illustrations associated to some songs in the booklet!

Those who purchased this album at Reitaisai also got a special Memorial Disc with alternate versions of some songs. The first two are vocal tracks, while the latter two are instrumental tracks. One thing I like is how the chosen tracks are in this order: Renko song, Merry song, Sumireko song, Yukari song. The Hifuu trio and the older version of one of them.

1. Moonstone
THIS IS SAMBA. I’M LAUGHING. Who thought this was a good idea?! I don’t think the vocals fit this version, but the instrumental base still makes me laugh because it sounds a little ridiculous (in a good way).

2. Mittsu Kazoero
I think I prefer this version to the original! It sounds more powerful and dramatic. There are some cycling (?) sounds in between the vocal parts, which makes me imagine that it happens in a simulation or something.

3. Futatsu no Cinema
This seems to come straight out of a fairy tale. It makes me imagine Sumireko wandering in the land of sweet dreams. It’s refreshing after so much canon and fanon nightmare-related stuff!

4. Higashi no Kuni no Waltz
The usage of the organ gives a strong church vibe. The church of Hihifuu, maybe? The second part of the song truly feels like a waltz, I really like it.

I think these remixes will remain as event exclusive, and it’s a kind of shame because they are really great. It makes me wonder if BUTAOTOME will ever re-release some limited releases as digital only albums now that their Touhou discography is available on iTunes and Google Play. ZUN did it with Michi no Hana Michi no Tabi, for example. Also speaking of download sales, Yuusei Hakurankai is currently not available on the digital shops, but being a best of album you can purchase the individual tracks!

I will probably spam-listen to the playlist with the tracks from the album + bonus disc once I’ll be back. It will be a good (re)listen while waiting for the inevitable Violet Detector arrange in the C95 album (also, not sure when is the next Kyoukai kara Mieta Keshiki…)!