One Week BUTAOTOME 94: Touhou LiveBox this week, etc.

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“Why are humans unable to sleep when they want to sleep?” Ranko, 2019

Feeding the ducks. And the giant goose.

First of all, yesterday I’ve published the review for the Reitaisai 16 albums and guest tracks! Check it out!
Secondly, I skipped the recap last week because I wasn’t in the mood of writing it, but most importantly there was no big news to report, and some of the big ones were pretty much “this thing will be out next week”. But now here we are!

Some misc news first
Two weeks ago Comp was a guest in the Touhou Station streaming. You can rewatch it here! This is the official Touhou Station Youtube channel, and you can watch future streaming there!
Also, this went completely unannounced (except for Ranko tweeting “I’m singing this song at the karaoke!!111”), but Solid has been added last month on the DAM karaoke service!
Oh, and Ranko recorded something two times in the past week.

Funyanyan Hero’s release
Elfin’s new single, featuring Comp’s new opening for Meow Meow Japanese History, has been released today! You can listen to it on Spotify. It’s not available on digital stores outside Japan. The song is also on Joysound, for those in Japan who want to get drunk while singing it.

Live news!
First of all, here is the setlist of the two man live with Yuuhei Satellite from last Sunday in Nagoya, it was a full Touhou live with new and old singles:
1. Kyouen
2. Hakanaki mono Ningen
3. Rougetsu
4. Fabulous
5. Mesen
6. Machibito wa Kozu.
7. Haruka Tooi Sora no Koe
8. Haru no Yuki
9. Gensou no Satellite
10. Solid
11. Kakoinaki yo wa Ichigo no Tsukikage
Also, tickets for Black, the one man live in June, are now on sale! Tickets page
Lastly, there is a Touhou LiveBox on Friday! It will be livestreamed on Melonbooks’ Youtube channel as usual, and the BUTAOTOME part will be reuploaded on TC’s Channel!

Music Game Corner
Today Hikkyou Joubutsu has been finally added on Groove Coaster arcades! The difficulties are 3, 7 and 12, with no extra chart. It’s the hardest song among the four Touhou 16 arrangements.

Super Sis’ art corner
The bunny posted quite a few arts so I will just link her Twitter Media page.
She also opened a Odaibako, where people can submit her requests (note: she can’t draw robots and mecha). Also, a commemorative illustration book for Touhou Cannoball has been published on internet. She drew a Remilia!

And I think that’s all for this week. ?