Touhou Cannonball is out now!

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Touhou Cannonball has been finally released! The game is a mobile board game with gacha elements. You can download it from the AppStore and Google Play. Please note that the game is entirely in Japanese.

Several Touhou musicians contributed to this game, including BUTAOTOME! None of the members tweeted about their specific contributions, and since I can’t mobile my only sources are my friends playing the game and various Twitter searches.

Vocal BGM
– 瞬間ラプソディ | Shunkan Rhapsody [Maid to Chi no Kaichuudokei] (Sakuya Izayoi)
To unlock a vocal song, you need to bring a five stars character to its max level (in this case, Sakuya).

Instrumental tracks in this game are divided into two categories: board BGM and battle BGM.

Board BGM
– 春に吹かれて | Haru ni Fukarete [Haruiro Komichi ~ Colorful Path] (Reimu Hakurei)
– 感覚 | Kankaku [Oomiwa Shinwaden] (Mononobe no Futo)
Both tracks are arranged by Paprika.

Battle BGM
– 500年目の月 | 500nenme no Tsuki [Naki Oujo no Tame no Septet] (Remilia Scarlet)
– 静寂の火花 | Seijaku no Hibana [Ittsui no Shinjuu] (Aunn Komano)
Even though the credits say these tracks are arranged by both Comp and Paprika, they are rock-sounding/typical bear tracks.

The Sis drew the jacket image for all of these songs.