One Week BUTAOTOME 122: the C97 releases are done, the talk event is this weekend, etc.

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Meeting a couple of old friends again

First of all, the C97 releases are 100% done and sent to press! It’s unknown when they will be announced.

Marumaru Futotta Buta no Ohanashi
The ninth celebratory event for the 10th anniversary is this Sunday! Tickets are still being sold on eplus. The goods have been revealed, and you can see them in this tweet!
– 10th anniversary mirror (500 yen)
– Buta snout badge set (1000 yen)
– 10th anniversary logo t-shirt (XXL only) (2500 yen)
All the participants will receive a sticker with the event’s logo.

Here is a translation of the message included in the first picture of the tweet linked above:

We would like to express our sincere gratitude to you for your exceptional support.
Thanks to you, BUTAOTOME celebrated its 10th anniversary in December this year.
We thank all of you for your patronage from our hearts.
We would like to hold a small party.

We will talk while looking at nostalgic photos and videos, and we are also preparing a bingo tournament with presents.
All of us are eagerly waiting for you.


Hotaru Murasaki’s birthday
On the day before the talk event, Ranko will be a guest at Hotaru Murasaki’s birthday live!

We finally have a release date for Botan (or Button?), the original song made for pop’n music! The song will be available to play on the Konami rhythm game starting tomorrow (19th)! Haru no Yuki will be added in the game at the same time, as a licensed song.
Unlike your typical rhythm game (which has squared jacket with either an album cover or a cover image made to fit the song), pop’n music songs have rectangular images. Most of the original songs feature characters from the game. Botan’s jacket image, which you can see in this tweet, has Nyami, one of the main girls from the game!

Aaaand that’s all for this week!