Ese Souretsu Shinan and Itanshinmon reprint

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First of all, Reitaisai, which was originally planned for March 22, has been postponed. But this won’t stop circles to sell their albums on BOOTH or other shops on the original day of the convention! Comp announced that the preorders for the new BUTAOTOME releases (well, actually one new thing and an old one) will start tomorrow!

However, the releases are already up on Toranoana, so here is the big post! There are no XFDs.

EDIT March 13: official website with XFDs is up! BOOTH preoders have started! If you buy Ese Souretsu Shinan on BOOTH, you will get an A5 clearfile!

This time we are getting only one vocal album: Ese Souretsu Shinan (似非葬列指南). An apparent sequel to Giji Kazoku Nyuumon, which was released 3 years ago.
The translated description is: “for you, who was never been born, and me, who will be born. This is the funeral procession guide of “me”, who thinks of the future that did not happen and those who are not here now.”.
Six new tracks + two rearranges, judging from the original songs I wonder if Reimu is dead…
Also, the long-awaited Violet Detector arrangement!

  1. オカルティックドリーマー | Occultic Dreamer [Lunatic Dreamer]
  2. カリソメキズナ | Karisome Kizuna [Ittsui no Shinjuu | Touhou Yourendan]
  3. 行方不明の。 (葬列指南ver) | Yukuefumei no. (Souretsu Shinan ver) [Eien no Miko]
  4. 蒼い雨 | Aoi Ame [Plastic Mind]
  5. グッドマイスター (葬列指南ver) | Good Meister (Souretsu Shinan ver) [Oriental Dark Flight]
  6. ゆりかごのなかで | Yurikago no Naka de [Hana wa Gensou no Mama ni | Konjaku Gensoukyou ~ Flower Land | Haruiro Komichi ~ Colorful Path]
  7. 拝啓、貴女の思い出 | Haikei, Anata no Omoide [Handokugan no Bibliophilia]
  8. 溶けた祈り | Toketa Inori [Jelly Stone]

In addition, the 2013 album Itanshinmon is finally getting a reprint! If you are still missing this album (and don’t want to rely on second-hand shops), it’s your chance!