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Itanshinmon – review

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I wanted to talk about this old album for a very, very, long time. And now, here it’s its review, with the “2021 format” you have seen in recent reviews! A peek into the depths of the heretical girls, and you’ll find decadence.A sweet and fetishistic Touhou full vocal album. Nobody expected the BUTAOTOME Inquisition! …okay, let’s start for real…. Read more »

Ese Souretsu Shinan and Itanshinmon reprint

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First of all, Reitaisai, which was originally planned for March 22, has been postponed. But this won’t stop circles to sell their albums on BOOTH or other shops on the original day of the convention! Comp announced that the preorders for the new BUTAOTOME releases (well, actually one new thing and an old one) will start tomorrow! However, the releases… Read more »

Song of the week: Tsumi to Batsu

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From the livestream of 11th February 2015. Today’s streaming… they had a lot of problems, so they started after 40 minutes. They only did Comu, the piano corner (without poll for next week) and the Kimi no, but it was more humourous than usual (I might upload the entire streamo tomorrow) wwwwww Title: 罪と罰 Romaji: Tsumi to batsu Translation: Crime… Read more »