One Week BUTAOTOME 138: this year is a freaking mess.

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Chibi Ranko in Venice

So, the big news of the week is that Reitaisai 17, planned for May 17 (after being postponed from its original March 22 date) has been ultimately cancelled.
In the meantime, BUTAOTOME members are recording and writing lyrics for the Air Comiket albums! Today Comp posted a small acoustic Machibito wa Kozu. clip, directly from the studio! We can’t meet each other a lot, but “our fingertips are always connected”.

Niconico Net Choukaigi 2020
This weekend there was supposed to be the Super Touhou Live Stage 2020, a livestreamed concert with various Touhou groups and no physical audience, as part of Niconico Net Choukaigi. It would have been BUTAOTOME’s first live of this troubled year. However, it has been postponed. Instead, during this weekend, they will rebroadcast last year’s live on Nicovideo, with audio commentary from ZUN, some Reitaisai organizer guy, Comp and Beatmario. BUTAOTOME performed on the second day of that live. Their setlist was this:

  1. Kyouen
  2. Mesen
  3. Machibito wa Kozu.
  4. Gensou no Satellite
  5. Solid
  6. Kakoinaki yo wa Ichigo no Tsukikage (feat. ZUN on stage swinging the towel)
  7. Haru no Yuki

Here are the relevant livestream’s links: Day 1 with commentary | Day 2 | Day 2 with commentary

New song on Touhou Cannonball
A new story update has been added yesterday! As usual, it features various new battle and board themes, including a new BUTAOTOME one! This time Comp provided a battle arrangement of Riverside View, named “Modorenu Michi” (戻れぬ道). You unlock it after clearing story 15-5, then you can purchase it in the shop for 10000 fantasy coins.

“Okay but why exactly did Comp end up in the world of idols/girl groups LOL” (quoting Robin)
The idol group HKT48 (a sister group of AKB48 based on Hakata) will release a new single on April 22. Title is “3-2”, and the type B version of the single contains a song called “How about you?”, with bass played by Comp!
AKB48 Shop page

Aaand that’s all for this week!