One Week BUTAOTOME 137: working on the Air Comiket releases, etc.

My boyfriend got my copy of Ese Souretsu Shinan, and I’ve already published the romanized lyrics from it! Review coming soon! Also, shout out to my friend Robin, who is translating all the new lyrics!

Comiket has been canceled, but as previously mentioned, this won’t stop BUTAOTOME to make new albums and release them on May 5 through BOOTH and Melonbooks and co.! Ane streamed a bit of cover making, and while she kept it in very low quality, I managed to get something. The next vocal album title is *YAKIONIGIRIIIII* and the cover girl is *YAKIONIGIRIIIIIIIIIII*.

Funassyi (Chiba’s mascot character) will release an album on May 27! The title is “CHARAMETAL BOX“, it collects his past singles and includes two new songs. Comp played bass in some of the tracks!

Aaaand that’s all for this week!

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