One Week BUTAOTOME 141: post-Air C98 update, Touhou Lost Word is out, etc.

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I don’t have any title idea for this picture, but I like how it turned out.

Violet’s (dis)adventures with doujin albums ordering
So, my original plan for the C98 albums was for them to be shipped to my boyfriend, in the USA. However, Japan’s posts announced that they suspended nearly all the shipments there. And since I prefer to not receive packages until this pandemic is over (I live with people who can greatly risk from the COVID), I teamed up with Robin. We ordered some albums together (mostly on circles’ BOOTHs) and they will all arrive at his house in Germany!

Post Air C98 update
Shoujo Rengoku 5 and Touhou Nekokenban 20 are out now! All the orders made through BUTAOTOME’s BOOTH have been shipped!
Ranko no Ane made a small retrospective about the Nekokenban series. Most of the stuff is already in the album pages, so here I’ll just write the new facts:
– Neko 2 is the most sleep-inducing one
– Neko 3 is “ultramarine-ish”, contrasting with its design being full orange. It’s the blue of space
– Neko 4 is very easy listening, so she used it for various videos. Track 2 is one of her favorites
– Neko 5 had a lot of pictures that didn’t end up being used
– While they were taking the pics for Neko 6, a random passerby said that Paprika looks like their cat
– Neko 7 has pics of their France trip on April 2013

Comp was one of the many guests at the Yuuhei Satellite x Shoujo Fractal x Shinra-Bansho super mega everyone-is-here livestream! You can rewatch his part here.

And the bear said that he also had “Discord with overseas“… what are you hiding?!

New song on Touhou Cannonball
A new BUTAOTOME board theme has been added! Title is “Katana Fubuki” (刀吹雪), and it’s a peaceful arrangement of Till When with a heavy focus on traditional Japanese instruments. I think this is the first (or maybe second?) time Comp manages to make a very calm instrumental track with no vocals, it honestly gives me hope for the Paprikaless future…
The song is event-limited, and a reward for getting 5500 maid points in the current Maid event (イエッサー!冥土のメイド訓練). The event is gonna last until the 13th, so don’t miss it! In case you need help with grinding, feel free to add me as a friend, as I have both maid Youmu and maid Sanae! My code is N9E6JP.

Touhou Lost Word is out now!
Yeeee, the cursed gacha is finally available in the Japanese stores! [Android | iOS] It’s downloadable for free, but has optional in-app purchases …but it has a good bunch of problems. First of all, it’s incompatible with my phone despite requiring fewer resources than CB (there are no 3D models or what) and doesn’t work on pretty much any android emulator. The music is 90% tracks from old albums (“they spent their entire budget on Kanako Ito”, as I love to say). If you were hoping for some unreleased Paprika stuff, then I’m sorry. Get “Anata no Ibasho wa Koko yo” (from Nekokenban 8) and Shuukai suru Himitsu no Hanazono (from Nekokenban 17) being used as random BGM instead. There is also a complete lack of a “music room” feature, and the music files are heavily compressed.
The gameplay seems nice (a mix of Fate/Grand Order and Pokémon), tho some characters are broken. The story seems also very interesting. Let’s hope it will improve in the future because at its current stage it seems very low budget-y.

Other news
BUTAOTOME’s official channel finally reached 10000 subscribers!
– Muon no Bi is among this month’s Melonbooks store BGM, as well as all the other tracks from the first disc Touhou Tamatebako, their latest compilation.
– There is a promotion thingy on Melonbooks where they sell autographed doujin media (not just albums, but also doujinshi and such). You can get a signed copy of Epitaph in this way.

Aaaaaand that’s all for this weeeeek!