One Week BUTAOTOME 142: no news, but I’m doing a lot of stuff!

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Going for a little walk after a long time!

So, this week doesn’t have any relevant news from the World of BUTAOTOME, but we have various updates from this website! My C98 albums have been shipped, so I hope I can update the pages for Shoujo Rengoku 5 and Nekokeban 20 next week!

Yesterday was Tewi’s lyrics day
In the morning I got the lyrics for Tensai to Sagishi thanks to the cool people from THBWiki. This song was the last song with Paprika singing to date and was the only one to be made for a compilation album. Now we have all the lyrics for PapComp songs, talk about the best achievements!
Then, later in the evening, I got the latest Melonbooks compilation, so Muon no Bi is up as well!
I’ve also slightly updated this page, and I added a list of all the pages without lyrics.

Important announcement about Youtube
Tiramisu Cowboy is a lot of stuff. Weekly news, article translations, researches, discussion, and anything that is related to BUTAOTOME. All managed by myself, Violet. However, I realized that I have so much stuff to do, and perhaps I should leave some tasks to someone else. So, I decided that the TC YouTube channel is no longer a priority of mine. This doesn’t mean I will close it or what, no worries! I’ll give its access to a trustworthy someone. If a good soul wants to manage the videos for me (publishing the few things I have left in an unpublished status and adding a Japanese description to the videos), please contact me so we can discuss it.

I’m still lost in Animal Crossing: New Horizons
I’ve been making more album covers for my BUTAOTOME room. I’ve published more QR codes here! Also, this is my isle tune. (credits to Yoruri)

More and more updates
– I’ve updated the songs’ usage page with a list of all the Nekokenban tracks featured in Lost Word
– I’ve published another part of the Fanbook Symposium! This time we discover the origin of the weird “pig girl” name…

We escaped from another Hartmann’s Youkai Girl vocal… for now.
Okay, we actually have something that is not related to my activities or this website: Koishi Komeiji is coming tomorrow on Touhou Cannonball. The jacket for her vocal song has been datamined and it’s not BUTAOTOME. We are safe for now. (we can still get a future battle/board theme that would fulfill the obligatory yearly Hartmann arrangement)

And that’s all for this week!