One Week BUTAOTOME 144: ContentID things and new Cannonball update

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It’s Comp’s birthday on Friday, so let’s think of something good for him…

First of all, please read this post about the Youtube ContentID on Touhou songs. Try to spread it, if possible. If you have any question, or something to point out, feel free to leave a comment there!

In a fanclub blog post, Comp said that while cleaning the studio he found some nostalgic items, and he will probably put them on sale on BOOTH!

New Cannonball update
The latest update on the good Touhou gacha provided us two BUTAOTOME songs! None of them is event-limited, so no need to hurry.
The first one is the vocal song for Shou Toramaru: Setsuna Anthology (刹那アンソロジー). She is a pre-release character, so currently there is a banner where you can roll for her if you are very lucky. Otherwise, you can wait for when she will be properly added into the game and you will find her in pretty much all the banners. Prepare your upgrading material for Sun-type characters just in case!
The second one is a board theme: Yuuga na Osanpo (優雅なおさんぽ), an arrangement of Missing Power. You just need to clear story 16-1, then you can purchase it in the Shop for 10000 fantasy coins.
If we exclude IOSYS, now BUTAOTOME is the group with the highest number of contributions in Cannonball, 12 songs (and let’s add a half point because of Gekijou, the IOSYS Mokou event song with Ranko on vocals)! And they didn’t even cheat by making the Prismriver songs!

And that’s all for today!