One Week BUTAOTOME 159: Yume no Hanashi translation complete, autumnal goods, etc.

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Ranko recorded more stuff, the fanbox has been updated with more audio files and an old video from the Magical Gambler 2013 tour, Comp still tweets English stuff (mostly Bob Marley and Bob Dylan quotes).

“Tanpopo no tane mitai ni kaze ni fukarete tondetta~”

Yume no Hanashi translation
After a month, I’m finally done translating this book in both English and Italian! It has been a great journey for me! Review and commentary on Friday.

Autumnal goods
BUTAOTOME won’t bring anything new from the music department at both Touhou Kouroumu (October 11) and Autumnal Reitaisai (October 18). There will be some goods, and what are the best goods to make in this current era?

Exactly, masks! These masks have a Renko and Merry-based design, and they also come with a postcard.

A mask case with a RenMerry stay-home design will also be sold at Reitaisai.

These goods will also be sold on BOOTH.

…but there is still some new music!
While we won’t get any new album/whatever, there is still a couple of guest participation in other circles’ albums!

First is Re:makes MCK! by Makkachin Kikaku. To celebrate their 10th anniversary, this group will release an album featuring covers by other circles and new versions of older songs. The second track is a Pig version of Kimi ni Sasagu Shohousen (君に捧ぐ処方箋).

Second is Stardust Dreams 10th Anniversary Tribute by Areazero. To celebrate the 10th anniversary of Touhou Sky Fight, this album will feature covers of Stardust Dreams by various circles. Of course, there is also a BUTAOTOME version. The original song is by Crest.
There is still not a proper page for this album; the only “proof” we have about this album’s existence is Areazero’s weekly livestream (they talked about it and showed cover and tracklist around the beginning part). EDIT: XFD is here!

Other misc news
As reported last Thursday, there is a new mobile game incoming: Touhou Dungeon Dive. The game is a rouge-like and will feature newly written music by various popular circles, including Buta!

Also, there will be a livestream on the 10th sponsored by Mysterious Sponsor X to celebrate the 25th anniversary of Touhou Project. There will be some music artists performing, and while BUTAOTOME is currently not on the list, more artists will be announced, and the Pig loves to be part of important Touhou events. Nevermind, for once they won’t be there. (also, whoever wrote the Touhou timeline with relevant derivative works decided that freaking Kyoai was much more worth mentioning than any song from the 2010 quartet… or even any Yuuhei Satellite or Shinra-Bansho song)

Aaaand that’s all for this week!